Tsv neudrossenfeld puts aside home complex

TSV neudrossenfeld puts aside home complex

but it took two standard situations to ensure the clear success. almost at the half-time whistle, diwersi headed home widmaier’s beautiful corner to take the lead in the 60th minute. In the second minute, pajonk followed suit, also heading home a corner kick from sudol.
At a psychologically important time, immediately after the break, the robust sudol was able to get through, passed exactly to the free-standing hofmann, who had no effort to sink the ball for 2:0.
The game lived mainly from the game in the midfield, scoring chances were until 35. Minute lacking. For the first time, the visitors’ keeper had to prove himself when he was just able to parry a sharp shot from pajonk. A header from penz (40.) was the only opportunity on the opposite side.
The hosts dominated the game, but mistakes crept in again and again, they did not yet act with the necessary certainty. As always, TSV keeper matthias kufner was a force to be reckoned with, making a great save to keep adlung’s free-kick out of the goalmouth. In the 89. In the second minute he also parried a cracker from aydogmus. Before that, the locals konradi and hofmann missed out in promising positions.
the hosts’ defense earned a good mark with the premiere of ex-bayreuther marcel mayr in the green-white dress. He played a decent game and provided the necessary communication. The hard-working pajonk and the enthusiastic diwersi and widmaier repeatedly put themselves in a good light.
ASV vach, which looked for its salvation in the offensive after the delay, was not very effective because the Upper Franconians stood well at the back and acted smartly and calmly. And then there was the safe M. cooper.
guest coach armin appelt said that the quick two goals in a minute rhythm had brought his eleven out of the concept, they were still too green for this league. For neudrossenfeld coach peter schmidt, the three points were the most important thing. He was particularly pleased with the goals 1 and 3, because they had used the standard situations.
The only thing peter schmidt had to criticize was that his men didn’t bring the necessary calm into the game, even when they had a clear lead. "We still have to work on that", according to the TSV coach. Kerstin nussbaum was an attentive impartial leader.

TSV neudrossenfeld –
ASV vach 3:0 (1:0)
TSV neudrossenfeld: M. Kufner – mayr (82. Hilla), taubenreuther, widmaier (84. treasure), hofmann, konradi, diwersi, partyka (46. Lattermann), pajonk, rau, sudol.
ASV vach: niedermeier – jovanovic (80). Kuffner), henning, daum, pommer, penz (68. Muller), sejans (60. Aydogmus), kreuzer, brutting, jakl, adlung.
Goals: 1:0 diwersi (45.), 2:0 hofmann (46.), 3:0 pajonk (60.). – referee: nubbaum (SC trossenfurth). – spectators: 175.

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