Transformer house becomes bird house

Transformer house becomes bird house

a dormitz meeting house becomes a home for bats, birds and insects. the local group neunkirchen am brand and surroundings of the bundes naturschutz (BN), represented by the deputy chairwoman karin weber, brought together all the parties involved. Thus a new refuge for birds, bats and insects could be created at the trafohaus brauereistrabe.

First and foremost, mayor holger bezold immediately had an open ear for the idea. He convinced bayernwerk-netz-gmbh to redesign the exterior facade of the still active transformer building, the company’s representatives provided a cherry picker with workers. With expertise and muscle power, bat boxes, insect wheels and a branch of the weeping cherry tree were attached to the south and west sides together with the dormitz building yard. Ten children from dormitz had designed them together with the BN as part of the vacation program.

A big thank you also went to the kraub family, who built the insect frames on the north side with a lot of love and expertise, and who were also able to win the ament company as a donor for the metal mounts and roofs.

The children of the lunchtime supervision will fill the insect frames with suitable materials over time under the guidance of karin weber. These can be: well-dried hardwood (oak, ash, beech, fruit tree wood), make sure the holes are smooth, otherwise there is a risk of injury to the wings; hollow reed or bamboo stalks (ten to 15 centimeters long), clay bricks or bricks filled with reed, empty snail shells, branches with hollow spaces (blackberry, raspberry, elderberry), remove pith; caution: no wood wool or conifer cones, no soft wood – this will not be accepted.

The idea of turning the meeting house into a bird house is, according to the BN, a successful example of how cooperation can succeed and at the same time do something for the diversity of species and the aesthetics of the village. In the spring, a few more swift boxes will be installed on the north side of the building.

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