Tourism entrepreneurs wanted motorcycle tours harz

We operate with it
Tourism promotion in the Harz Mountains.

Tourism entrepreneurs wanted motorcycle tours harz

This is how our cards look like. Much information for vacationers. A lot of networking for the Harz. Matthias Schmidt with the 2010 edition of the resin map.

Overview with facts and figures
Read here what we, why do and how we undertake in a network everything around the motorcycle vacationers of the stay in the resin as pleasantly as possible make. Click to download

On-line advertisement for only 29, – net in the month? [34,51 gross] Your website will be published on one of these pages and of course linked to our own pages. So you get enough contacts to motorcycle tourists who want to come to the Harz Mountains.

Motorcycle map Already the 3. Edition of our motorcycle map is ready. Whoever advertises here is represented on a DIN A2 poster that is displayed in many places in the Harz Mountains and sent by mail to all federal states.Our map has a super scale and besides the roads in the Harz also sights drawn in. Companies that work withmotorcycle to do, be it from the hospitality industry or technologycan advertise on the map. From spring to autumn the preparations run. Be part of it! Contact 05522 / 920 779

Our certificate helps the guests to find a quick orientation. What all is in it, is here click
We put this certificate online on the hotel page next to the logo. For this small service we charge only 45,-z. Ust. This is less money than you think, but you have higher chances to be chosen as well. Every guest can get an idea of the house, the equipment and the surroundings. And that counts a lot with motorcyclists.

The leisure guide Harz The special vacation is described here. Motorcycle, Harz mountains, gliding, sport shooting, bowling and the visit of an industrial monument. Read more

Who lubricates well…
And for your guests we have a special Service offerSo that your motorcycle guests feel well, you offer nevertheless chain care as house service. It is very simple. With us you get high quality chain spray the 400ml bottle for 8,50. You put it in the garage and after each tour the guests can also take care of the motorcycle. Just call: 05522 / 920 779 or read on

Stunt show
With our team you can book. Whether biker meeting or company day. Our stunt show offers a day of entertainment around the motorcycle. More info can be found here… More about gastronomy. Tourism offers incl. A lot of help for newcomers and new start ups in the Harz is available here. Click and download the Harz-Checker. Our Harz Checker is especially suitable for new openings and events. Click

Welcome to the Harz Motorcycle Park! Contact: Matthias Schmidt (Matze)
Inventors of the motorcycle sanctuary, the stickers and the web pages here. Contact: 0172 – 54 26 639 Office: 05522 / 920 777

The Harz is ca. 80 x 30 km large. This must be said. It is not about the east or west on these pages. It is about the whole Harz!

A 1a vacation region.

We just have to together touch!

Join us as an entrepreneur! These are our previous offers

2007 the first map is planned as a motorcycle resin map

2008 appeared the 1. Issue motorcycle sanctuary

2008 we were with the Dutch motorcycle magazine PROMOTOR.NL
on the road in the Harz mountains.

2009 represented at the HMT. [Hamburg Motorcycle Days]

2009 a 16-page brochure about the Harz is implemented by us.

2009 TÜV Motorcycle Day in Göttingen. We promote the Harz.

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