Therefore the leisure time organization must be reconsidered

Therefore the leisure time organization must be reconsidered

Leg complaints can be aggravated by working in a home office. Perhaps calf cramps, spider veins or tired and swollen calves also appear for the first time. There are several reasons for this. The following tips will help you to get through life pain-free and in motion. Regardless of age, everyone should pay attention to their leg health.

Start leg training as early as possible

Normally, many people complain about tired and heavy legs during the warm season. But since home office work has increased, leg problems occur even in winter. The journey to work by bike is missing, as are conversations with colleagues in the corridors during breaks. Communicating in the home office means being networked with others via the screen. In addition one sits longer than usual. That in a rather rigid position. The cardiovascular system, the functioning of the venous valves and the joints suffer. Home office workers should therefore increase their physical activity not only when complaints occur. At best, one builds it into everyday life. Then there is no need for strenuous training sessions, which in exaggerated doses can also be harmful.

Getting up from the desk

Sitting at a desk should be interrupted at least once an hour. Short gymnastic exercises such as walking on the spot, knee bends and multiple rocking from the tiptoes to the heels and back activate the venous valves and strengthen the leg muscles. Likewise every possibility should be used to change the body position. If one places terminals such as the printer and the scanner further away from the desk, one is forced to stand up to use them. Instead of video chat, the traditional telephone can possibly be used occasionally, so that one can be away from home when calling.

Use aids

Even sedentary work allows to move the legs regularly. If you want, you can buy a mini bicycle ergometer that disappears under your desk. On it it can be trained inconspicuously during the video conference or while typing on the computer. Alternatively, cans filled with the feet can be rolled forward and backward on the floor. However, the height-adjustable desk, which is realigned several times a day, is the better alternative for the legs. For vein training at a standing desk, the flat treadmill is a good choice, as it can be used hands-free and at the same time trains the sense of balance. It should be noted that it should be used at a slow pace only. Otherwise you cannot concentrate on your work.

Rethink leisure activities

The occasional leaving of the home workplace to go to the toilet or the kitchen alone is not sufficient to keep the legs fit. Therefore the spare time organization must be reconsidered. The stairs can be used instead of the elevator. For the trip to the bakery, the bicycle can be used instead of the car. And a daily brisk walk of at least 20 minutes in the fresh air should also be in it. Exercise outdoors increases the supply of oxygen to the body, which ultimately also increases leg health because all organs receive better blood flow. Those who also opt for endurance sports such as cycling or Nordic walking protect their legs from premature muscle and cartilage degeneration and strengthen the veins.

Don't neglect leg care

Since the counterpart in the home office is generally presented only the upper body via screen, some people neglect the care of their legs especially in the cold season. This has consequences. Skin hidden under pants forms countless skin flakes due to the constant friction, which impair the skin's appearance. But this is only a visual shortcoming. Unkempt legs also have poorer blood circulation. Just the water jet from the shower and the subsequent toweling act like a light massage on the connective tissue of the buttocks and legs. The cells regenerate faster. After cleansing, the skin tolerates rich care. If you already feel pain or swelling, use one with appropriate additives. Care lotions with horse chestnut and red vine leaves, for example, help against the development of spider veins. Pain and swelling subside more quickly if the care cream contains arnica. Horse ointment cools. Knees and feet affected by osteoarthritis respond to devil's claw and meadowsweet.

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