Therefore always check the size

Therefore always check the size

If you want to take your child on an exciting motorcycle tour, you will of course also need a motorcycle helmet Children. A helmet is the most important protection for a motorcyclist. Should in no way be neglected in any way. Children should feel comfortable riding a motorcycle. The children's helmet takes care of that. But in addition to safety and security, a motorcycle helmet children brings many other benefits that will give your child an exciting and enjoyable ride. In addition, motorcycle helmet children you should also think about the other motorcycle clothing and you can go with your child on a Safe and great adventure trip. What is needed and what to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet children, you will learn in this article.

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Motorcycle helmet children – types

First of all, it is a matter of deciding which helmet type is probably the most suitable for your child. Many manufacturers have some children's helmets in the offer. This is because as a children's helmet can be called the smallest sizes (XXXS – S). Although most manufacturers only release their helmets in standard sizes (S – XL), there are some that have designed a large part of their range to accommodate specific sizes (XXXS – XXXL). You will also find suitable sizes for very large heads, but also for very small heads, as in the case of children. For this reason, they have a very large selection from which you must now choose a motorcycle helmet children. Therefore now the different types with explanation:

Integral helmet – The full-face helmet is a real all-rounder. In addition, it is also the most popular helmet, which is definitely justified. A full-face helmet completely encloses your face. Has a fixed chin section. Thus, it is also the safest helmet. As a motorcycle helmet children, a full-face helmet is definitely recommended.

Jet helmet – The jet helmet is also very popular. Above all, it is worn with pleasure as a scooter helmet. Unlike the full-face helmet, the scooter helmet does not have a fixed chin section. Therefore does not offer such extensive protection. Scooter riders wear the jet helmet but still very happy. Enjoy the cool breeze on hot days.

Flip-up helmet – The flip-up helmet combines the advantages of a full-face helmet and a scooter helmet. It has a chin section, but this can be folded up or down as desired.

Cross helmet – The cross helmet is actually only a full-face helmet. This was created but especially for use in the field. A cross helmet can be found very often as a motorcycle helmet children, which comes through the popularity of children's motorcycle machines for off-road use.

Weight and functions

A motorcycle helmet kids is naturally smaller than helmets for adults, thus reducing the weight your child has to carry on their head somewhat. Nevertheless, you should definitely pay close attention to the weight of the motorcycle helmet children. Under no circumstances should a full-face helmet exceed a weight of 1500 grams. Furthermore, it depends on the age of the child. A 10 year old child can already wear a somewhat heavier motorcycle helmet children, as a toddler aged 3 – 5 years. For longer trips, a heavy children's helmet has a negative impact on the wearing comfort. Can quickly lead to neck tension or back pain. Therefore, always check the size. The weight in order not to burden your child unnecessarily.

There are several factors that affect the weight. A children's motorcycle helmet made of carbon or fiberglass weighs significantly less than a children's helmet made of ABS or polycarbonate. However, these are also somewhat expensive in comparison.

Also the functions that a motorcycle helmet children brings with it have some influence on the weight. If an integrated sun visor is installed or other mechanisms, the helmet is again a few grams heavier. However, these additional features do not have a very big impact.

Only a complete motorcycle clothing is enough

Besides the children's motorcycle helmet and yours, you should also pay attention to a good and appropriate motorcycle clothing. Motorcycle jackets and pants are also available in suitable sizes for children. Especially the manufacturers Wulfsport, Protectwere and Probiker have a cheap and good motorcycle clothing in the assortment.

The qualitative differences from the materials used for jackets and pants at the time are very large. Just a few years ago, a leather suit was the unanimous true, but synthetic fibers are now on the rise and rivaling the familiar leather gear. The abrasion values of jackets and pants are now very identical and the synthetic textiles still offer a wide advantage, because they can be worn in bad weather without further ado.

But the material of the upholstery has also been replaced. Nowadays, mostly no hard plastic is used, but a soft padding made of a special foam material. This compresses on impact, so becomes abruptly hard and thus absorbs the energy. You as a motorcyclist and your child can benefit from it, because you will have better mobility with each other and the ride will be much more pleasant.

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