‘Then he fell into the depths’ showman reports on stuntman death at the small fair

Leipzig.In the meantime, it is almost beyond doubt: The 52-year-old Bosnian fell to his death due to a driving error during an acrobatic performance on the almost ten-meter-high steep wall. The head of the "Show of Sensations" spoke to LVZ-Online about the tragic accident – and the decision to continue the stunt spectacle.

Fatal accident at the small fair

'Then he fell into the depths' showman reports on stuntman death at the small fair

Leipzig. Deep sits the shock on Friday at the Leipzig small fair. The accidental death of motorcycle stuntman Serif G. At a show on Wednesday caused grief and dismay. In the meantime it is certain: The 52-year-old Bosnian fell due to a driving error of the almost ten-meter-high steep face in the death. The head of the "Show of Sensations" spoke to LVZ-Online about the accident – and the decision to continue the stunt spectacle.

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"We live with the risk every day – and yet we are all deeply shocked that this could happen," says Charles Blume. For decades, the 39-year-old had known his driver, Serif G. Whom everyone just called "Gino. At the family-run business from near Oldenburg, which Blume's father founded in the 1960s and is known throughout Germany, G. Active for more than 25 years as a steep-wall rider – and was considered a spectator favorite. "Gino was a veteran who taught other artists how to ride steep faces," Blume says of his late friend in a composed voice.

Stuntman plunged to his death on vintage motorcycle

No one could yet explain how G. The "capital driving error" occurred, says the showman. It was the first show of the day for the experienced stunt driver on German Unity Day. The 3 p.M. Performance was well filled with more than 60 visitors, and many families with children also wanted to experience the spectacle, in which motorcycles and even a car ride in circles on a vertical wall – held in place only by centrifugal forces. It had never happened before in Leipzig.

After warming up the machines and the traditional welcome ride from a colleague, Gino raced around 15.40 o'clock on the ramp. He was supposed to present a two-minute solo acrobatic show on an Indian Scout, a 90-year-old vintage motorcycle from the USA. He revved his high-horsepower machine to. Drove over the start lane into the wooden ramp. In the middle of the performance, the unthinkable happened: Gino touched the wire rope, which is attached to the upper end of the steep face as a barrier to the spectators. "He lost control and fell from about seven meters into the depths," reports Blume, who heard the bang and the screams of the audience from outside.

'Then he fell into the depths' showman reports on stuntman death at the small fair

After a day of mourning, the show continues on Friday.

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Immediately, the showman boss and several of his colleagues rushed to the arena to provide first aid. A paramedic from Kleinmesse was also on the scene. Together they carried G. Outside – he was still responsive despite the most serious internal injuries, complained of shortness of breath, even wanted to sit up. But all was not well with him. The at 15.46 o'clock alarmed ambulance brought the Stuntman with blue light in the university hospital. There Serif G died. At 2.8 p.M. On Thursday night.

Public prosecutor's office orders autopsy

Blume suspects that a carelessness took his artist out of life. "A steeplechaser lives on emotions and applause, always wants to give everything for the audience. In the process, he probably got too close to the rope," believes the show boss. At least were found on the motorcycle, which was five meters next to the crashed G. Lay, and the rope clear scratch marks found.

Due to ongoing investigations, the public prosecutor's office does not yet want to comment on details of the accident, but on Friday at least confirmed the probable cause of the accident to LVZ-Online. "A technical defect in the equipment or the motorcycle can be ruled out so far," explains spokesman Ricardo Schulz. A criminal offence suspicion is not present. "We assume that the cause was a driving error. How this came about is still being determined." An autopsy on the body has already been ordered, he said. That G. Had been alcoholized, however, could already be excluded.

Camera Flash: Was the Motorcyclist Distracted?

Unlike several witnesses to the accident, showman boss Charles Blume considers it unlikely that the flash of a camera – filming and photography are actually prohibited in the arena – could have blinded the motorcyclist. Due to the angle to the audience this was not possible at all – the "show of sensations" had already shot music videos and films with bright spotlights, which was also no problem. "The driver always looks at the steep track, where he goes," explains Blume. "If he doesn't do that for a moment, he loses his orientation." A moment like this could be G. Have paid with the life.

It is not the first fatal accident for the "show of sensations", which used to tour the country as the "battle of the giants". Already in 1998 a rider died on the steep face. According to Blume, he also lost control due to carelessness during a so-called loop ride. Was thrown from his machine during a too steep ride. Like Gino, he was also riding without a helmet and special protective clothing – to save weight, as the stuntman boss explains. "During the ride, four times your body weight is pressed onto the motorcycle. Wearing a helmet would not be possible at all," says Blume.

"It's our life": shows to continue

Despite the tragedy, the to 21. October on the small fair planned stunt shows are not canceled. Still on Friday, the horsepower acrobats would continue their dangerous program, Blume said. "We talked for a long time and decided to move on. It's our life, it's our passion," says the 39-year-old, who used to ride the steep face himself.

On Thursday, the stunt team held a day of mourning at the folk festival – in parallel, the criminal police and the public prosecutor's office, who were only informed about the incident one day after the accident, investigated the scene of the accident with experts. "Technically, there was nothing to complain about in the system. From our point of view, there is no reason to close it," said Attorney General Schulz.

Meanwhile, Gino's motorhome stands orphaned on the Cottaweg fairgrounds. The 52-year-old is mourned by his partner, whom he had just met and brought with him to Leipzig. Last Thursday she came from Bosnia, where the steep face stuntman was still on home leave before his death, with to the show, reports Blume. Gino also leaves behind three children from several marriages.

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