The week in review:: of fairy tales and rumors

Even the mother of the goats raised her voice in warning: "Dear children, I want to go out into the woods, be on your guard against the wolf! When he comes in, he will eat you all with skin and hair."

Exactly: That’s how we heard it read in the Grimm fairy tale of the "Wolf and the Seven Little Goats. It was similar with "Little Red Riding Hood", we were scared of the "bad wolf" in grandmother’s bed. At the latest it was clear that the wolf would never belong to our inner circle of friends. But it did not matter, because wolves existed only in fairy tales.

Out of the fairy tales

Exactly that seems to change just now: The wolf is back. Out of the fairy tale, into our forests. This week there was a rumor that there might be a wolf roaming around in the Iphofen city forest, which covers an impressive 2200 hectares. The topic has even made it to the city council, but without any enlightening explanations.

Where the rumor came from could not be found out in spite of all efforts. In any case, an eyewitness does not seem to exist. With which it is to be assumed that it ran probably in such a way, as it runs nearly always with rumors: One hears A, understands B and then blithely tells C.

The daily traffic jam

We have enough time to think about the myth of the wolf at the moment – at least all of us who are stuck in the traffic jam between Biebelried and Rottendorf every day. If it takes longer than usual, you might – involuntarily standing on the Biebelried bypass – remember the time when exactly this bypass did not exist yet. The journey through Biebelried was difficult – but it went well. Without traffic jam. Today the reduction from two to one lane is enough and chaos breaks out. Which is certainly also an indication of how violently the traffic has increased.

Conspiracy theory

The reason for the construction site, by the way, is that the road surface has to be done. What one can imagine already alone because of said permanent load well. Nevertheless, there were some who doubted the sense of the measure and called to investigate the real reason. With it we are again with the rumors. The road construction office as part of a conspiracy theory. The Brothers Grimm would have liked that for sure.

The week’s Saturday look back at what caught our writers’ eye.

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