The noble lady of yesteryear wore black in ebern

the noble lady of yesteryear wore black in ebern

"at the beginning there is always a certain idea, a concept of how you want to implement an exhibition. And sometimes you have so many new ideas in the meantime and everything develops so harmoniously, as in this case. In the end, something wonderful comes out of it."

ingo hafenecker’s words at the opening of the exhibition "dresses make the man – sunday best and other clothes testify to the great enthusiasm that all those involved have shown her.

Of course, there is the museum director himself, who wants to pass on all the praise to his comrades-in-arms: annemarie heuler from the museum of urban history in karlstadt developed the concept and wrote the accompanying texts for the exhibits. stefan andritschke is responsible for the stage design and certainly for the main part of the work." inge gunther has worked with "great attention to detail" helped with the implementation.

Community project

as a joint project of the two museums, the exhibition is dedicated to one question in particular: "how did people in the region dress around 100 to 150 years ago??" this time it will be answered "in almost all rooms of the home museum", because the inventory has brought together a number of items worth seeing. From a motorcycle outfit for women from the 1920s, to everyday (sunday) church vestments and traditional costumes, to a festive costume for a golden wedding anniversary, everything is there.

hafenecker’s only wish is that the exhibition will give visitors the same pleasure as it gave its creators: lots of fun.

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