The extinguishing tank is in for a rough ride?

The extinguishing tank is in for a rough ride?

Mayor dieter adam has already thought about how he wants to tackle the problem with the extinguishing water tank. He will present his proposal to the municipal council on Monday evening. Demolition is out of the question. Whether the councils will also see it that way? This will be shown in the meeting in the, which begins at 7 pm.

The construction of the extinguishing water tank has been causing a stir in the small district of mainleus for some time now. Because the vat stands in the historic center of the town and in the protected area of the castle.

A list of signatures with more than 100 entries, initiated by the owner of the castle iris von kunbberg-schmidt, restorer uwe franke and local councilor hannelore lindner, shows that the building is a sour note for the citizens. In it, they demand that the tank be installed underground and covered with soil, that the cover and the surrounding area be accessible and that the square and the center of the town not be impaired.

"This is all fulfilled with my proposal", Mayor adam is convinced. Because he wants to suggest cutting 80 to 90 centimeters of the vat. This will reduce the volume from 105 to 80 cubic meters. "That’s enough for an hour’s firefighting operation. In the time are loosely laid pipes from a watercourse – a stream or a pond."

with the reduction of the container its upper range is in the earth. The existing embankment would be moved in front of the structure. "This means that the tank is now completely within the earth’s range." it is passable anyway. And the place will be enlarged, he even sees an advantage.

For mayor dieter adam, this is the best solution – also in view of the costs. The original location had to be changed because two trees and the fountain would have been damaged. This would have cost 65,000 euros instead of the planned 45,000 euros.

The next possible location was also ruled out because the soil there was not firm enough. Securing the structure with steel sheet piles would have cost an additional 50,000 euros. "This is how the current location finally came out." including the cutting, the expenditure here would amount to 58 000 euros.

This is how he will present his thoughts to the council. "There will probably be no big discussion", he believes. "We need a proposed solution, and I can offer one."

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