Technical university nuremberg: soder gives details and calculates costs of 1.2 billion euros

technical university nuremberg: soder gives details and calculates costs of 1.2 billion euros

the new technical university of nuremberg (TUN) is scheduled to start operations by 2025. With a unique combination of technology and the humanities and social sciences, it will be a "model for the whole of Germany have, said Bavarian Prime Minister markus soder (CSU) after the cabinet meeting on Tuesday in nuremberg. "We don’t want one-sided technical nerds, but internationally recognized technical experts with social skills, science minister marion kiechle (CSU) added.

According to the president of the technical university of munich, wolfgang herrmann, who chaired the structural commission, at least 20 percent of the teaching content should come from the humanities and social sciences. Moreover, there will be no division into traditional faculties "that are closed off and do their own thing", but research departments with an interdisciplinary character, the "teaching as a common matter of the whole university" understand. Soder said the cornerstones of the commission would "ensure a completely new way of thinking about universities".

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With 200 to 240 professors and 5,000 to 6,000 students, there will be an "optimal support situation" at TUN give. Kiechle said that a ratio of one professor to 25 students is unique in germany. At the best universities in this country, there would be 60 to 90 students per professor.

The new university is to have 1800 to 2000 employees and six "innovative subjects" offer. Lectures will be held mainly in english, and start-up centers will enable students to take their first steps in business. Soder expects costs of around 1.2 billion euros for TUN. The planned location in the south of nuremberg, with a size of about 40 hectares, would allow for a true campus university. TUN should be "internationally oriented not to be a competitor, but rather an "optimal complement to the existing university of erlangen-nuremberg (FAU) be.

The state of Bavaria plans to invest 1.5 billion euros in the expansion of FAU and 300,000 euros in the technical university (TH) in nuremberg. According to soder, the money is to be spent in the "next 30 years" flow. The cabinet met in nuremberg because of the focus on northern Bavarian issues.

The cabinet decided to build the "raspberry Palace" for the FAU philosophy faculty, which was previously spread over several locations for sale in erlangen – the listed former siemens headquarters building. The reddish building is to have a library in the inner courtyard and a new building in the immediate vicinity. The technical faculty is also to be brought together on the campus in the south of erlangen. Additional adjacent areas that already belong to the state are to be made usable for the university, as well as part of the nearby Siemens campus purchased. the faculty has grown from 1,500 to more than 11,000 students.

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