Spinning tops, home and vampires

Spinning tops, home and vampires

Jurgen Welder was. Well, not alone. Annette Himmelstob was also there. Welder photographed. Heaven’s thrust has designed. What? The cover for the book by Manfred Fock. The book with the wandering lad on the front, the lad from the traffic circle near Unterwohlsbach – and then it’s also called this. Not Unterwohlsbach. Heimatkreiseln, the book is called so. What can you do, you take it in hand.

Anyone would do that, living just a few miles away, from the gyroscope. A spinning top from home – on the front of a book called Heimatkreiseln! Behind also. The spinning top goes around the whole book. Well, that is certainly an interesting book! Think.

It’s all about spinning tops in the first story Manfred Fock came up with for the volume. That’s why they’ve been springing up all over the world for a few years now. But it’s also about traffic circle vampires who can catch you while you’re spinning around in a convertible – in a traffic circle. Provided that the driver falls below a lap speed of 25 kilometers per hour. If he is faster, the traffic circle vampire does not come along, so he cannot settle on the passenger seat, cannot bite and cannot let you become another traffic circle vampire. Nonsense?

Ha, and what is with the dachshund buzzard, which does its business on traffic signs. Pfui. But what about the? There probably isn’t one either? No, there is not.

"That does not exist at all", is what the reader thinks from time to time when he follows Manfred Fock’s thoughts, which circle around this and then around that again. These thoughts of Mr. Fock’s are sometimes so gyrating that they can make you dizzy yourself. And then there are the drawings of Fred Rauch in it, in the Heimatkreiseln. They look like the thoughts Mr. Fock would have had when he wrote the stories – that is, what the thoughts would look like if thoughts could look like what they don’t do.

Free they should be, the thoughts. But must an author take the liberty to put his thoughts on paper when he has just given them free rein – absolutely. A book that pleases everyone? Who could write such one? One that no one likes, rather, but hardly. With the homeland traffic circle comes one however already once the thought "Fck, Manfred! What were you thinking". Or better: What do you have to take to get such thoughts?? Where do you get this stuff and is it expensive?

Is it a piece of Coburg Heimatkreiseln? No. The traffic circle with the vampire is in the south-east of Bavaria. Why then the Wohlsbacher spinning top on the cover? Well, in the southeast they will have no Wanderbub, on a traffic circle. At most a vampire.

A monk does not wander

In Rodental the photographer found a wandering boy. There would also have been a monk. But this one does not wander. But that’s exactly what the photographer liked, who then cut in the author, probably because you can’t recognize the man on the cover photo, so that they are walking towards each other, man and boy. Pretty. Therefore, one takes it yes to the hand, the homeland gyroscopes book.

Then you’re drawn in, and your thoughts start spinning around spinning tops, vampires, dachshund buzzards and the question of whether there’s such a thing as normal absurdity. After two or three stories, you don’t need any more substances to get everything spinning in your head. Well actually – for 9.80 and without physical dependence or so. On prescription there is the homeland gyroscoping nevertheless not. Only in the book trade. The saleswoman should search under Fangorn Verlag and Manfred Fock.

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