Soon there will be life in the “ratskeller” again?

During this performance even the mayor gets enthusiastic: The old "Ratskeller at the market place, there again a typical Franconian tavern furnish…. "A great project", Says Henry Schramm in the city council meeting. Michael Pfitzner (CSU) also thinks that this could become an ornament. Together with his parliamentary group colleague Dieter Heckel, he has submitted a motion to examine whether the city can buy and renovate the empty building, which is threatened by decay.

The "Ratskeller was one of Kulmbach’s top addresses for decades. A whole series of landlords had contributed to this. Wolfgang and Eleonore Bergmann were the last landlords in what is believed to have been a small town at the turn of the 16th century. to the 17. The building, which was constructed in the 19th century and is now a listed building. They retired more than ten years ago – since then, the building has fallen into a slumber.

Three years ago, an entrepreneur from Bindlach bought the building and announced a comprehensive refurbishment.Apartments were to be built there, and a well-known gastronomy group from Munich was allegedly interested in the restaurant. These plans have obviously fallen through. According to information from the town hall, the Kulmbach brewery currently owns the "Ratskeller".

Vacancy not comprehensible

It is not comprehensible, said Volker Wack (Greens/Open List), that the brewery is the once so popular pub and also the neighboring "Markgrafenschanke" on the first floor of the "Weibes Ross" Hotel The plans are to leave the restaurant empty – obviously in order to avoid a too high density of restaurants at the market place. And also representatives of other parliamentary groups wish themselves completely obviously a revival. Thomas Nagel (FDP) suggests thinking about a new use as a restaurant. Personally, he could also imagine a kind of "market of delights" in the historic building introduce.

The city councilors unanimously support the motion of Pfitzner and Heckel: the city should contact the owners, get an overview of the condition of the building and possible renovation costs and, if the case arises, prepare a utilization concept. The question of financing remains: In the short term, as much becomes clear in the meeting, such a project cannot be realized in view of the many other major projects in the city.

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