So that the film doesn’t judder this is how the internet works in the car

So that the film doesn't judder this is how the internet works in the car

When traveling by car, a functioning Internet hotspot is an advantage – especially if you are on the road for a long time. How to get the best connection.

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A Internet hotspot is in the car is advantageous. On the way to vacation, the co-driver can, for example, use the tablet surf the internet extensively, the children can sit in the back seat Stream movies. Tips for a functioning connection.

Trouble and annoyance are programmed, if the many beautiful applications does not work smoothly. This is then mostly because of the way, How the Internet comes into the car and distributed there. "Basically, we are certainly spoiled by the smartphone", says Holger Ippen from the "Auto Zeitung". "In the car it also goes, there the Internet connection usually works with the On-board solutions of the manufacturers best."

Many cars are already hooked up to mobile communications

Thereby one in the car integrated SIM card and also in-vehicle antenna used, which significantly improves reception. "All newer vehicles today already have a SIM card ex works for the Emergency call E-Call. It is then no longer a big effort for the manufacturers to make this mobile data connection also usable for entertainment offers", explains Ippen.

The customer would then usually have the Use of services such as real-time traffic data, weather forecasts or a gas station search function free. If you want more, you have to pay. "In addition, these systems now also allow the Remote access to the car. One can then via app, for example, the Activate heating or get the Show the location of the car", explains Ippen.

Also a WLAN network for car is possible via an additional integrated SIM, but not with every car manufacturer. "The disadvantage with these offers is often that the customer can usually not choose the mobile provider himself and the Rate selection very low is", says Markus Weidner of the telecommunications portal "Teltarif.De".

Because only very few manufacturers rely on Roaming SIMs, which can log into different mobile networks. And with most systems it would also not be possible to own SIM card to be used. How good the offered network is, would remain unclear.

On-board solution first test

"Anyone who is faced with the decision for or against an on-board solution with hotspot should test the system with a small tariff on their "home route" try out", advises Weidner. This makes it possible to determine whether the factory-selected network and tariff can be used to suit their own use.

Another way to network the car is a Mobile LTE hotspot. "They are used, for example, on the Cigarette lighter connected and function like a small router", explains Ippen. Equipped with a SIM card, the mini-routers often create up to 150 Mbit/s and deliver Internet to up to ten devices from.

The necessary Data SIM is often cheaper than the SIM cards for the smartphone with telephony and data option. In contrast to the integrated system, however, this solution requires the user to work with Extra cable in the interior live. Another disadvantage is that it is hardly possible to improve the reception, says Ippen.

The same applies to the use of the own smartphones as hotspot. "You usually can't get to the car's built-in antenna, and hardly any smartphone today offers the option of connecting an external antenna.", says Weidner.

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