School closure: city council sees itself confirmed

School closure: city council sees itself confirmed

in november 2009, the city council decided to close the elementary schools in neuses and gehulz and assign the children to the lucas cranach school in kronach. "I must say from my point of view, as difficult as it was, I am satisfied", mayor wolfgang beiergroblein addressed this decision from back then. The number of students has leveled off at a low level, he said, referring not least to the birth rate. While the number of births in the city of kronach was 128 in 2009, 104 children were born last year.

Third mayor hans simon (SPD) did not want to add any more cards, but nevertheless mentioned a baby boom in gehulz and ziegelerden, where a total of 22 children were born last year. "This would have resulted in a nice class." cilly volk (frauenliste) referred to the total birth figures and explained that these facilitated the decision-making process.

Bernd liebhardt (CSU) spoke out in favor of after-use concepts for the school buildings in neuses and gehulz and also called for a clear commitment to the preservation of the gymnasiums because they also represent an important factor for club work. The other parliamentary groups also sounded the same horn.

Already in a few months?

the mayor clarified with regard to possibilities for using the school buildings, with his employee georg kostner already being active. "something may happen here in the next few months," said wolfgang gunther of the mayor’s office, stressed mayor.

Karl H. Fick (SPD) pointed out that the use of gymnasiums should not overburden the capacity of the clubs. "We cannot assume that all apportionable costs can be financed through the associations. then the club structure in the villages will no longer work. We must leave the church in the village."

"we need to talk about what costs will be incurred. Then a compromise must be found with the users", wolfgang gunther from the administration explained the further procedure. The committee was unanimously in favor of retaining the gymnasiums. Since there are to be changes in school bus transport from the middle of the year, markus wich (CSU) asked for proposals from the city administration in order to be able to deal with the subject in more detail in a meeting.

No open land

the planned construction of an open-air photovoltaic plant in knellendorf by the company munch from gossersdorf has now been abandoned. According to the mayor, one landowner is not interested in making his land available.

Thanks to a change in the funding regulations for investments in kindergartens, municipalities are now free to determine their share of the eligible costs. The range is between zero and 100 percent; up to now, there was a two-thirds rule. This amended guideline increases the state’s share if, in return, the city of kronach is prepared to make an additional contribution. This was decided unanimously by the board on Monday.

Using the example of the friesen kindergarten, the situation is now as follows. Due to the increase of the city’s share by 19.150 to 131.500 euro, the contribution from bavaria also increases. Accordingly, the free state now pays 306.900 instead of the planned 204.000 euro. The bottom line is that the burden on the provider of the facility is reduced by 121.450 euro. For him, a residual of 49.300 euro. This amount is equivalent to the share of non-eligible costs in the total construction sum of 487.700 euro.

No doubts

"this is a good investment in the future of our city and our children", bernd liebhardt (CSU) left no doubt about the rightness of the decision to increase the city’s own contribution. Marina schmidt (SPD) also welcomed the relief for the carriers through this regulation.

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