Rage 2 tips and tricks in the beginner guide

Rage 2 tips and tricks in the beginner guide

In our beginner's guide to Rage 2, we show you various tips and tricks that will help you get started in the open-world shooter from id Software and Avalanche Studios.

Rage 2: What is shown in the beginner's guide?

Rage 2: Relevant places

The wasteland of Rage 2 is littered with all sorts of interesting locations. Between all the bandit camps, watchtowers and gas stations, there are also places that are particularly important: The Arks. Here you will find new weapons and Nanotrit abilities for your Ranger armor, which will not only make your journey through the wasteland easier, but also increase the gameplay fun. Because the more choices you have, the more you can combine them. If you want to know where to find the arks, talk to the inhabitants in the settlements, and new locations will appear on your map.

Rage 2: Loot

When clearing a bandit camp, there are a few things you should pay attention to in order to get through the camp faster and take all the loot with you. The first are normal storage boxes, of which you can find more or less in almost all places in the wasteland. In them you can find money and feldrite, which you need to upgrade weapons. You can recognize them by their pink lids, which are sometimes very difficult to see in darker areas.

Next are the Ark Chests, from which you can get points to upgrade your weapons and nanotrit abilities, as well as car parts to upgrade vehicles. Most of the time there are one or two Ark Chests per camp.

You should also always keep your eyes open for feldrite occurrences. These are the blue crystals you can find everywhere in the wasteland. They will bring you large quantities of Feltrite.

If you want to lock places completely, you should also look for data pads. They can be lying around in warehouses everywhere, usually glowing green on some table. If you want to know what you can find in a place, look at the place on your map. There you can see which and how many interesting objects can be found at one place. Otherwise, it will always be displayed in the upper left corner as soon as you open or find one of the interesting objects.

Rage 2: Crafting

Since you can't craft consumables at the beginning, your only option is to buy them from merchants or find them in the world at the start. If you want to get crafting plans as quickly as possible, you should go directly to Gunbarrel (the first town where you will also find Marshall) and visit the merchant McDuff there. He sells you upgrade blueprints for 500 dollars a piece.

If you are looking for even more sellers, you will find them in our dealer guide.

Rage 2: Vehicles

To unlock vehicles, you must first find them in the wasteland. They are often found in various warehouses, or simply on the side of the road. Once you've found a sled you like, hop in and drive it to the nearest trading town (the settlements where you'll also find car repair shops and traders). If you get out of the car in the town's driveway, the vehicle will be added to your collection and you can summon it at any time for 10 dollars.

We have also summarized some locations in our vehicle guide for you.

Rage 2: Weapons

You can upgrade your weapons with weapon cores, which you can find in ark chests, buy from the merchant of your trust or get after completing some quests. You should get the anti-armor upgrade first, if it's available for the weapon in question. This makes the otherwise quite annoying armored enemies much easier to deal with.

Also, you should pay attention to the different fire modes of your weapon. Because many of your guns change their firing behavior as soon as you take aim. This makes each weapon customizable for different situations. Your shotgun for example has a typical scatter shot from the hip and changes to single barrel bullets when aiming, which have more range.

If you want to know where to find the different weapons, have a look at our weapons guide.

Rage 2: Skills

There are some Nanotrit skills that will make your life in the wasteland much easier. To reach certain areas of a location, you'll need the Dash and the Grav Jump, for example. You have the Dash from the beginning and you can find the Grav Jump in an ark south of Gunbarrel, right on the border of the starting area.

Also make sure to use your overdrive. In the mode, your firepower increases drastically. You will have a much easier time dealing with larger groups of enemies. You can see if the overdrive is ready by the colorful glowing skull in the lower left corner.

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