Police also deploy foot patrols at the lichtenfels shooting match

Police also deploy foot patrols at the Lichtenfels shooting match

On Thursday, the final meeting with the responsible persons took place. The large banners for the designated escape routes were still installed in the evening. These are the two main routes to the town hall.
Arrows point to the main entrance on Coburger Strabe or the rear entrance at the Schutzenhaus. "This year, the police will also deploy foot patrols to check suspicious persons not only on the fairground, but also in the surrounding area.", made main commissioner J?rgen hail already clear with the conception of the Schutzenfest Expresses.

Risk: parked-up streets

As large safety risk parked roads are to the Festplatz. There is an absolute no-stopping zone in Schutzenstrabe, in front of the main entrance and in Am Damm street. The large hard court of the FC Lichtenfels and the parking garages would be available to the visitors. A rescue lane must also be kept clear there at the Grobparkpatz. Parked cars in the alley are towed away. The staff of the security service is instructed to carry out checks and "prohibited" To confiscate things, for example alcohol or dangerous objects. In the evening, the showmen were once again informed in detail about the security concept. For example, the rides must always have a fire extinguisher handy. At the main entrance, the BRK rescue squad installed their mobile guard. "The power connection is still missing", Karl Manichl, head of the emergency service, stated. The station has air conditioning, which is not only necessary for the injured or heat victims, but also for the paramedics, the sensitive examination equipment and the radios.

31 Red Cross volunteers

31 Red Cross volunteers would be deployed during the shooting festival. "Some even take their vacation during this time", said the head of readiness.
In the meantime, groundskeeper Dieter Brandmeier was also on site. In a few minutes he had made the power connection from the distribution box.
Finally, the shooters met on the stage in the Schutzengarten and emptied the first mugs with a cheers to the success of the Schutzenfest.

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