Planning a motorcycle tour

Planning a motorcycle tour

A motorcycle tour is a fantastic experience. The most beautiful routes and landscapes are waiting for the rider and the pillion. But especially larger trips with the motorcycle should be well planned, in addition, the bike must be in perfect condition. Otherwise, a motorcycle tour can quickly become frustrating and even dangerous. This checklist should help to ensure that the excursion with the motorcycle succeeds and the motorcycle tour is fun.

Be well prepared for the journey

Especially longer motorcycle tours should be planned particularly well in advance. First of all, the route or. The destination should be determined. Inspiration can be found in numerous travel reports, as well as in the route recommendations of tour riders. Once the decision for a certain tour has been made, the preparations for the trip can begin. To the correct route planning also counts that the overnight accomodation possibilities are planned in. Hotels or campsites should be booked and reserved well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises and to find a safe place to sleep for the night.

These papers should not be missing on any motorcycle trip:

– Map material or navigation device are of course of elementary importance. It is advisable to mark the tour on the travel maps with a highlighter or to save it in the navigation device. This way the rider keeps a better overview.

– Identification documents such as passport or identity card. Please find out beforehand which documents are necessary for the destination country. Tip: Make sure that the documents are still valid for at least six months. In case of loss of documents, copies should be made.

– EC cards and credit cards as well as always some cash to pay for small expenses.

– Driving license, vehicle registration document and the green insurance card if the trip takes you to countries that do not belong to the EU.

– Emergency numbers, if possible in writing on paper, in case the cell phone cannot be charged or breaks down.

– Power of attorney of the owner, if the motorcycle is borrowed.

The right clothing for the motorcycle trip

Who rides with old or with inferior motorcycle clothing, takes high risks. Therefore, completely independent of the weather, a high-quality and up-to-date safety clothing is indispensable. Even if textile suits are becoming more and more popular, a leather suit is still recommended, because with well-fitting leather suits the integrated protectors fit more reliably and the abrasion resistance is higher than with textile suits.

In the first-aid kit should always be with you:

– Band-aids in various sizes – gauze pads and sterile dressings – disinfectant such as iodine – silver/gold emergency blanket – painkillers strong enough to help with a toothache. – Wound and healing ointment – medication against diarrhea – tablets against fever

Tip: First aid kits for motorcyclists are available in motorcycle accessory shops, also in some pharmacies. Which aspects are to be considered with an accident with the motorcycle, this article describes.

For a minor breakdown, the following utensils should not be missing from any motorcycle tour:

– on-board tools – wire – cable ties – adhesive tape – chain spray – air pump – all-purpose tools – engine oil – spare bulbs for lights – headlamp for night repairs. – Dirt rags and protective gloves – Spare spark plugs – Flexible plastic hose that can be used as a fuel hose in case of need. – Funnel – spare tension belts – tire sealant

The motorcycle check

Especially before the motorcycle season, the bike should first be thoroughly cleaned. So that any damaged parts are easier to identify. The dirt is thoroughly removed with a steam jet, but it should not be aimed directly at the bearings, the electrical components and the chain, so that the pressure of the water jet does not allow water to penetrate, or. Nothing can be damaged. The most important preparations:

– Replace old brake fluid and check that the level is correct. – The clutch and the leverage should be smooth and have the right play. – Fill up the coolant. – Check the engine oil level. Change the oil if necessary. – Fill battery with distilled water. – Check the brake pads. They should be enough to last for the entire tour distance. – Check the complete lighting system. – Lubricate the motorcycle chain. The best way to do this is with a chain spray, because this keeps the time needed as short as possible and provides effective, even lubrication.

Special care on the Check the tires

For your own safety it is extremely important that the motorcycle tires still have good grip. A tread depth of at least 1.6 millimeters is prescribed, but for longer motorcycle tours this tread depth is far from sufficient. Because during the tour the profile constantly wears out further, so that the permissible profile depth is fallen below with security. A tread depth of at least 3 millimeters is recommended.

Motorcycle tires should not be too old

Because after approx. Five years the rubber of the tires is hardened, which means that the durability of the tires is exceeded. Even if the tread depth is still sufficient, the tires have to be changed by all means. You can find new tires at specialty stores or online, which you can have delivered to your home before you start your trip. If you want to know how old a motorcycle tire is, take a look at the sidewall of the tire. Because there is the so-called "DOT number". This is a four digit number. The first two digits indicate the week of manufacture. The two last numbers stand for the year. Which tire pressure is prescribed for the motorcycle, can be read in the operating instructions. Especially when new tires are mounted on an older motorcycle, the tire pressure specified in the owner's manual is often not sufficient. Therefore, if in doubt, follow the tire pressure recommendations of the tire manufacturer. During a longer motorcycle tour, the tire pressure should be checked at least twice a week.

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