No trembling before the mfk

No trembling before the MFK

Many a motorist has an ambivalent relationship with the periodic inspection by the MFK. The wildest rumors about arbitrariness of authorities and unfair treatment circulate. But many are exaggerated, some justified. After all, even at MFK only people work. One solution to the dilemma is to hire an AGVS company. This is not free, but has tangible benefits.

An upcoming motor vehicle inspection (MFK) triggers uncertainty and unease among many vehicle owners. Garagists of the Auto Gewerbe Verband Schweiz (AGVS) can offer a hand and take care of the preparations and follow-up work around the periodic vehicle inspection.

No trembling before the mfk

A preliminary inspection of the vehicle at the AGVS garage before the actual MFK is recommended, so that the car passes the test at the first attempt. Safety-relevant deficiencies are recognized in this way. Can still be fixed in time. This is how you can avoid the hassle of not passing a test. Avoid the additional expense of a follow-up inspection. "Garagists can also present vehicles directly to the local road traffic office upon request, which saves customers the time of traveling to the inspection station as well as the administrative issues," explains Markus Peter, Head of Technology& Environment at the AGVS.

If the MFK is undertaken on one's own initiative, it can happen that defects come to light in the course of the inspection that have to be rectified and checked again afterwards. Depending on the type of vehicle and the canton, vehicle owners do not have to go back to the road traffic office for a repair confirmation or a follow-up inspection, but can have these procedures carried out by authorized garages. The specialist companies confirm the proper rectification of the defects to the road traffic office – whereupon the customers receive. Customers from the road traffic office the adjusted vehicle registration card by mail.

No trembling before the mfk

Also in case of any major changes to your own vehicle, it is essential to go to the road traffic licensing office. This includes, for example, interventions that influence the exhaust, noise or performance behavior or the installation of a trailer coupling. Such technical changes are subject to an extraordinary inspection obligation. "Anyone who modifies his car without having it checked afterwards is also playing with his safety and that of other road users," emphasizes Markus Peter. Here, too, it is important to consult an AGVS specialist for comprehensive information and advice before making any changes to the vehicle. When it comes to retrofitting a trailer coupling, many AGVS companies offer the possibility of installation and testing directly at the garage as part of the so-called self-acceptance.

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