Nach dem urlaub was muss ich vor der rückreise nach deutschland beachten.

Nach dem urlaub was muss ich vor der rückreise nach deutschland beachten.

Who has to fill in an entry form?As a general rule, vacationers returning to Germany from a high-risk area or a virus variant area must register digitally before entering Germany. Www.ENTRANCE REGISTRATION.De

Who needs to get tested if they want to go back to Germany?

Any person over the age of 12 must have proof of corona test, proof of convalescence, or proof of vaccination when entering Germany, regardless of country.

If the return trip is from a virus-variant area, even vaccinated and recovered people must show proof of testing.

Can I enter Germany with a positive test result?

– The following applies to airplanes, trains and buses:

Those who test positive and travel by plane, coach or train will not be able to enter Germany. There is a ban on promotion here!

– For individual travel (z.B. Car) is valid:

Entering Germany by car is possible.

Will I get a fine if I enter the country with a positive test result?


Federal police spokesman Matthias Knott stressed that it already makes a difference whether someone does not present any evidence at all or presents a positive test result. The goal of the new regulation, after all, is to detect potential infections at an early stage. Anyone who has taken a test has "done everything right" made. For example, anyone who tests in Austria before the border on the way home would have to be quarantined somewhere if the result is positive, he said.

More infos to this topic: Is there a fine for travelers with a positive Corona test??

Do I get a penalty if I don't have a test result at entry at all?

The maximum penalty for this is (theoretically) 25.000 euros. You still have to submit a test within 24 hours.

More information on this topic: Compulsory testing for travelers returning home – exceptions and hefty fines

If I go on vacation in Italy, get a positive test before returning home and have to pass through Austria on the way home: will the Austrians let me pass at all??

What if I am not allowed back to Germany because of a positive test and I am in quarantine in the vacation country. Can I then simply call in sick to my employer?

What if a positive test result may be "false positive" is? Can I then simply take another test?

Who will pay for quarantine abroad? And: Can I then simply stay in "my" country? Staying in a hotel?

More information on this topic: Vacation – Does my travel health insurance abroad also pay at Corona?

How long do I have to be in quarantine if I come back from a high risk area or virus variant area?

Non-vaccinated vacationers from a high-risk area must be quarantined for 10 days, free testing is possible after 5 days at the earliest. For children under 12, quarantine ends automatically after 5 days.

If returning from a virus variant area, the quarantine period is 14 days; free testing is not available.

Vaccinated people who vacationed in a virus-variant area do not have to be quarantined if their vaccine is effective against the virus variant found in the destination country.

How do I know whether my vacation country is a high-risk area or a virus variant area??

On the homepage of the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) you can find a list with the classification of travel countries. Recently, only between high-risk areas. Virus variant areas distinguished.

Here you find current information at the RKI

Only two South American countries are currently considered to be virus variant areas. However, the high-risk areas also include many popular vacation destinations – such as Spain, Portugal, southern France or Egypt. (Status: 08.

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