Motor vehicle fire extinguisher what is to be considered with the acquisition.

No question, car safety comes first. And this, of course, includes a motor vehicle fire extinguisher. Which one should you take. Where are the differences in fire extinguishers? Here is our overview ..

Motor vehicle fire extinguisher what is to be considered with the acquisition.

Not every fire extinguisher is suitable

First of all, it is great that many drivers want to equip their cars with fire extinguishers. Because such an extinguisher is a sensible investment to protect your life and the lives of others. Many fire extinguishers can now be purchased very cheaply, starting at ten euros the cheapest products are sold. But not every fire extinguisher is suitable for use on the car, rather extinguishers for fire classes A (solids) B (liquids) and C (gases) are suitable. Therefore, the ABC fire extinguisher is also the right choice, as its extinguishing powder is best suited for use in vehicle fires. And not only with vehicles with fossil fuels, just also with electric and hybrid cars you can use most ABC powder extinguishers. These are z.B. Also used to fight fires in electrical installations with high voltage.

Which vehicles are required to have fire extinguishers? In Germany, fire extinguishers for buses are. Transport of dangerous goods mandatory. In addition, fire extinguishers are subject to similar regulations in many EU countries: Especially in Greece, Turkey and the Baltic States you have to carry a fire extinguisher in your car. This also applies to trips to Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, Poland and Sweden. Fire extinguishers are not mandatory for trucks, but in most cases a 6-kg extinguisher is on board for self-protection alone. However, extinguishers are compulsory for trucks in France: 2 kg 8A 34 B for the tractor and 6 kg 21A 113B for the trailer.

Have the extinguisher checked regularly

Regardless of the manufacturer of your fire extinguisher, have the extinguisher tested every two years in accordance with the DIN EN3 standard. If your extinguisher was manufactured by Minimax, Neuruppin, Bavaria or Gloria, you will also be given information on the nearest inspection station under the service telephone number marked on the extinguisher. Inform yourself about the testability of discounter, furniture store or DIY store extinguishers before you buy one of these products, because who buys cheap, usually pays more. Also, on your extinguisher's check display, check the functionality regularly ca. Every three months.


Safety first and that also applies when choosing the right fire extinguisher. And not every extinguisher is suitable for installation in a car. Therefore, you should seek advice from your independent motor vehicle repair shop. Here you can coordinate and plan the installation together with you. For you and other road users in distress, the fire extinguisher is an important safety aspect. Therefore our tip: If not available, have it retrofitted in any case!

Do not park your car on dry grass! TÜV inspection: one in four passenger cars fails the general inspection! Behavior in an emergency: The emergency lane saves lives!

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