Light scents of varnish were in the air

Light scents of varnish were in the air

The concertgoers experienced a special premiere in the former synagogue. Marktzeulen guitarist Thomas Schaller played his compositions on instruments he builds himself in his workshop.

He calls it model Ginkgo, a leaf of this tree decorates the fingerboard. The motto "Fresh from the workshop could literally be smelled, when after the end of the concert the visitors had the opportunity to study the instruments up close. His latest work, a "Grand Fingerstyle With back and sides of figured maple and ebony edging, still had a slight scent of lacquer polished to a high shine. During the concert, the musician gave an insight into the creation of a plucked string instrument with a presentation. His explanations were also illustrated by woods and tools for instrument making. During the musical presentations, the audience could hear that the instruments are not only outstanding in terms of craftsmanship and appearance due to their filigree and harmonious inlay work. The guitars filled the crowded hall effortlessly without any amplification. The instruments each had their own character. After the concert, guitarists were amazed at the assertiveness of the steel-string guitars – they impress with their colorfulness, balance of sound and richness of overtones.

It will be interesting to see what instruments will soon be created in the workshop of the musician and plucked instrument maker. Zeulner says it is a passionate process to create a sounding instrument by hand from wood.

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