‘Is that an airplane.

'Is that an airplane.

In the early days of Grand Theft Vehicle's switch to 3D, travel was a luxury. Helicopters were introduced in Vice City, but it wasn't until San Andreas that we got to fly a plane – or, more accurately, a plane with wings. There's a plane in Grand Burglary Automobile 3, but it's barely functional, with stubborn controls and clipped wings that make flying it a headache. The infamous Dodo – properly named after the flightless, missing bird – could be parked in a hangar at Francis International Airport after reaching a destination called Grand Theft Aero. I remember seeing it then, and I really felt a surge of exhilaration as I rushed toward it. "Is this a plane?!" After that I climbed in and also understood that while it was undoubtedly an airplane, I couldn't really get the thing in the air.

However, the players have discovered a method, and after some searching on the net, I managed to lift it into the air and also see Freedom City from above. "We created a driving and addictive game, and even that was radical at a time," Rockstar claimed in a fan Q&A. "The Dodo was never intended to be flown much. It was just a fun point that people went nuts over when they discovered numerous insects flying them." It's a complicated process of keeping the plane on the D-pad as much as you can by continuously landing on it. If you don't, you will be blown up and possibly in a fireball or dumped in the water at the border of the airport terminal. Every time you die, you have to run completely back to the garage to try again, which makes discovering the Dodo's tricky means a real test of patience.

Once you are in the air, it is clear that Freedom City should never be seen from this vantage point. Skyscrapers appear as well as out of sight and most buildings lack roofs and also various other top-down information. It is also possible to fly to a part of a normally hard-to-reach city, which is used in the opening sequence of the video game. I remember muttering about it on the web in the early 2000s – about the fabled "Ghost Community," which some referred to as a whole new city hidden in the game. In truth, it's just a handful of paved roads made for the financial institution break-in at the beginning of the story. This was one of the earliest examples of superstar video games that created their own myths as well as urban legends that continue to this day. Unfortunately, I never made it into the 'Ghost Community' myself. I really sucked at flying the dodo.There have also been rumors that the wings of the Dodo have been clipped due to the influence of 9/11. Some web content in Grand Theft Vehicle 3 was changed after the attacks – according to Rockstar, a goal that "referred terrorists" as well as "a few aesthetic details and also pedestrian remarks". But the Dodo was obviously always a pig to steer. There are mods for the computer version of Grand Burglary Automobile 3, with which you can restore its wings and also fly properly, but this is a misinterpretation. The dodo is unforgettable because it is terrible. It's a real difficulty to keep it in the air for more than a few seconds, which makes getting over an additional island or even the ghost town, if you're particularly skilled, a real feat. Having recently tried to fly it myself, I can confirm that it's still badass.Rockstar says upcoming re-release of GTA 3, Vice City, as well as San Andreas will include "modern gameplay enhancements" that I wish didn't reach "fixing" the dodo. It's time for a brand-new generation of GTA fans to experience the disappointment and also the brief joys of attempting to overcome the heavens in this piece of shit. It's also an indication of when we weren't so spoiled as gamers – where flying for a few seconds in an open-world game was something to be hugely excited about. Nowadays you can do virtually anything effortlessly in any car in these video games. But back then, at the beginning of the new millennium, we had to get this right. Yes, the Dodo is objectively bad, but that's why individuals still talk about it today. It is the most terrible vehicle in the background of computer games, and I love that about it.

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