“Important building block for the future concept of the district hospital”

courage and confidence, but also the relief of having mastered the initial phase in the daily work routine well, resonated in the words of the medical director dr. Volker waltz at the official opening of the new outpatient treatment center (ABZ) of the district hospital obermain.
internal medicine, rheumatology and pulmonary and bronchial medicine are under one roof in the new facility resulting from restructuring. The health care facilities of the district of Upper Franconia (gebo) emphasize the close integration of outpatient and inpatient care that goes hand in hand with this measure and benefits the patient.
Against this backdrop, the president of the district parliament, gunther denzler, described the new training center in building 5 in kutzenberg as an "important building block for the future concept of the district hospital" during the opening ceremony, which would be followed by others. Katja bittner from the gebo board praised the "well-structured implementation" and complimented the workers at the district hospital’s construction office: "none of us would have bet five cents that it would be finished in time for today, but they did it."

"fire extinguisher" at the EDP

bittner also recalled the challenges that had to be overcome by the EDP specialists. The person responsible for this was sometimes called a "fire extinguisher" in the beginning had to act before the computer systems were working properly. "proximity to patients, short distances and effective workflows, diagnostics and treatment from a single source as far as possible – we can now offer all this here", she said. Bittner also did not forget the 13-member team of the treatment center, which coped well with the start-up phase, which was always not easy. Stefanie kalb from the ABZ team management was very pleased with the bouquet of flowers presented by bittner against this backdrop.
Also the senior medical director of gebo, prof. Dr. Thomas kallert, as well as dr. Otto beifub in his capacity as chairman of the lichtenfels district medical association wished the patients in the new abc relief from their suffering and the employees success and joy at their new place of work.
We-feeling and team spirit character in the foreground put good-humored volker waltz. he spoke of motivated employees who embody a willingness to perform, and emphasized the professional attitude that has grown out of the hippocratic oath against the backdrop of such a true saying from the vernacular: a healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one.

"Let’s get started!"

according to waltz, structural changes also meant that the doctors and the whole team had to "get involved in the new situation, find convincing answers to the new challenges and identify with the joint project for the future". The following concluding words in waltz’s speech expressed the confidence that this will also succeed with regard to the outpatient treatment center: "We are ready and highly motivated to do this. Let’s do it!"
after introductory words, the evangelical pastor jurgen tinkl and the catholic church deacon stefan alkofer blessed the remodeled premises. The good spirit has been working inutzenberg, according to his experience, since he has been pastoring here, said alkofer. On this basis, the community succeeds.
During a guided tour of the new treatment center, the guests were able to get an idea of the individual rooms and their equipment. Second mayor hauke petersen, representing the market town of ebensfeld, was very impressed. "It was worth coming", said a 79-year-old man who lives in the frankfurt area and had traveled 250 kilometers for a very special reason – the spry senior is the father of medical director waltz. It is hardly surprising that many an exciting dialog developed this evening.

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