‘How to murder your husband’ author stands trial she is accused of shooting her husband

'How to murder your husband' author stands trial she is accused of shooting her husband

In Portland, USA, 71-year-old author Nancy Crampton-Brophy is currently on trial. Because she is accused of shooting her husband. The bizarre thing is that a few years ago she published an essay about how to kill your husband.

Now her court case is starting.

Author receives life insurance from her husband

"As a writer of romantic suspense novels, I spend a lot of time thinking about murder and, consequently, police procedure," writes Nancy Crampton-Brophy in the Essay "How to Murder Your Husband.", which she published in 2011. "Because if murder is to set me free, I certainly don't want to be in prison. And let me be clear about this I don't like overalls and orange is not my color."

Words that could now be her undoing, because Nancy is currently on trial. The reason: she allegedly shot her husband in 2018. The chef – to whom Nancy had been married for 25 years – was then Found with gunshot wounds to the back and chest at the Oregon Culinary Institute, where he taught.

A short time later, Nancy turned to the police. However, not to make a confession, but because of a very special request. In fact, the police were supposed to draft her a letter confirming that Nancy is not a suspect in her husband's murder case. Because this confirmation was necessary for Nancy to Her husband's life insurance policy received – and become richer by almost 1.5 million dollars. According to media reports, however, Nancy had told authorities only that the life insurance payout was $40.000 dollars.

"How to Murder Your Husband": finances as "important" reason

Nancy emphasized shortly after her husband's death that she was in the house they shared when her husband was shot. However, when authorities discovered that Nancy may very well have been at the time of death was near the scene of the crime, they become aware of the wife. A few months after his murder Nancy therefore arrested.

Because investigators accuse Nancy of killing her husband to get the insurance money. The couple had since 2016 has had major financial difficulties. What's particularly bizarre about the case is that in her 2011 essay, Nancy wrote Finance cited as first and "important" reason for murder.

"Divorce is expensive, and do you really want to divide up your possessions? Or if you married for the money, aren't you entitled to everything?", she wrote at the time. "The disadvantage is that the police are not stupid. She targeted you first. So you have to be well organized, ruthless and very smart. Husbands have already disappeared from cruise ships. Why not your?"

Seven-week process

She then concluded the essay Nancy published online with a personal insight: "I find it easier to, Wish people dead than actually kill them. I don't want to worry about blood and brain splatter on my walls," she confesses. "And I'm really not good at remembering lies. But what I know about murder is that each of us is capable of it, if one pushes it only far enough."

Whether Nancy really killed her husband for the money, now decides a court in the American Portland. The process is expected to take about seven weeks. But although Nancy's essay around the case caused a stir and was often picked up by the media, the judge in charge of the case stressed that "How to Murder Your Husband" not be part of the evidence will be, as the essay is "inadmissible" for the negotiation.

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