Homey sounds with the “anni& greg trio”

it doesn’t take a heavy electric guitar thundering out of the speakers to send lovers of sophisticated rock and pop music into raptures. A child’s drum kit, a stand-up bass, a dobro guitar, an acoustic guitar and two voices are all that’s needed – after all, modesty is also a virtue.

The ensemble "anni& greg trio feat. Friends" the company’s guest appearance at the "theatergarten" this summer the trebgast natural stage impressively proves its worth. the musicians from kulmbach gave the 80 or so visitors, most of them of mature age, a two-hour tour through the treasure chest of anglo-american light music in the idyllic beer garden, which was exuberant, heartbreaking and creatively sparkling.

friday, 28. december, there will be a reunion for the fans from 20 o’clock on, fitting for christmas time. In the "kommunbrau" in kulmbach singer anja jungkuntz, guitarist gregor zech, double bassist robert maier, dobro guitarist tom vogler and drummer andi winterling once again prove their musical class in acoustic garb.

on stage, singer anja jungkuntz undergoes a veritable transformation from the pain-filled lament poet who sings "everyone goes away in the end" in a sad, brittle voice from the "nine inch nails-classic "hurt breathes into the microphone, to the fiery rocker who convinces with her smoky voice. When tom vogler joins in, the metallic sound of his dobro guitar echoes through the event hall, giving the rocking songs additional pep. "All along the watchtower from the pen of bob dylan is the song robert maier sings to his "steffi", as he affectionately calls his double bass, is really putting the spurs to it. in addition gregor zech convinces with his filigree guitar playing, and andi winterling sweeps with his drum broom over his drum, that it is a true splendor.

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