You need a roof box for your vacation trip, but don't want to buy one and let it collect dust in the basement 90% of the year?

Vehicle storage space reveals limitations at moments when going on vacation or planning a big trip. So that bags, jackets and toys don't have to be stored between the legs, additional storage space can be created with a roof box. The roof box brings numerous advantages.

Rent a! From 5 EUR per day (incl. 19% VAT (net 4,20 EUR))

You come from the Dresden area and would like to rent a roof box for your next vacation trip? Then you've come to the right place. Choose your desired roof box and make your request quickly and easily via the form.


What to look for in a roof box

The use of a roof box comes with some guidelines that should be followed in order not to compromise your own safety. Proper installation according to the instructions is highly recommended. Once the roof box is securely mounted, it may be loaded. Heavy items go in the back area, lighter items in the front area. For the boxes themselves there are weight limits that must be observed.

Also pay attention to the load limits for the vehicle. In the operating instructions of the vehicles there are notes on the roof load. The maximum roof load is composed of the weight of roof box. Base carrier as well as payload together. The specifications for the general payload can also be taken from the vehicle registration document.

Influence on speed

The driving behavior of the vehicle driver must be adapted to the additional load. There are no legal speed requirements, but the recommendations are 130 km/h maximum speed for vehicles with a roof box. At higher speeds, the fuel consumption is negatively affected, it shows effects in the bridge and crosswinds. In the manufacturer's data of the roof boxes you will also find information about the maximum speed.

Rent a roof box – save money and space

Of course it is possible to buy roof boxes. However, this has the disadvantage that the box must be stored when it is not in use. Since roof boxes are primarily used when longer trips, vacations or excursions are pending, they are rather seldom in use. So the storage must be secured. It is easier to rent a roof box. For the rental period, the roof box is available to the user for a certain amount of money. Afterwards they are simply handed in again. The size of the roof box can be selected to suit any vacation.

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