Gta 5 online for pc

GTA 5 Online for PC – cheaters make players angry and laughing

Gta 5 online for pc

Cheats are not uncommon in GTA Online for PC.


Cheats are a problem that plagues practically every multiplayer shooter to a greater or lesser extent, with a particular focus on free-to-play titles like Call of Duty: Warzone or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, it turns out that Fans also complain about cheaters GTA Online. Owners of PC versions GTA V. They point out many problems and strange situations – The picture below can be a good summary.

Cheaters in GTA Online are not only limited to creating Aimbots and Wallhacks.

GTA Online – cheaters have the nerve

Some stories quoted by PC players GTA Online open your eyes in amazement by yourself. There are quite normal situations – for example, one of the users encountered a cheat who kills his character every time he appears in the game, and another lost a car and at the same time was treated with a stun gun.

But there are also definitely more original ideas. One of the users was turned into a burning toilet – causing him to die in flames every time he leaves his apartment. But perhaps the funniest story is the player whose character was… Transformed giant beach ball. Interestingly, he decided to wave his hand over it all and try to have fun despite the odds. It is worth noting that the ball actually surrounds the hero and at the same time hides him from the eyes of the police and protects him from various threats – z. B. Bullets or explosions.

A modder decided to turn me into a ball in GTA Online, so I made the most of r / gtaonline

Another user mentions that it is a huge windmill – In this form, he "got into" his fighter and defended the beginners, chanting the slogan "Do not be afraid, Los Santos Wind Power is here!" (loosely translated "Do not be afraid, the wind farm Los Santos is there!").

The community advises: cheats as a means against cheats

Interesting is also the discussion on this topic. Console to use. To enter the corresponding command. In short – protect yourself from cheats by using cheats (and then cry that the developers of Rockstar Games have locked your account).

Ah yes, use the menu cheat to not get trolled by others with the menu cheat. Damn, brilliant … Let me say a word, this sub sometimes makes me think that people have started farming with turnips … – Nysyth concludes emphatically.

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