Energy tips how can i save gas.

Many German households heat apartments or. Houses as well as hot water with gas. Due to the energy price crisis and the continuing high gas prices in the spring of 2022, it is more important than ever to save on gas consumption in order to keep gas costs as low as possible! In this article you will learn everything you need to know about: How to save gas?

1. Beforehand: Why should one save gas at all? 2. Precondition to save gas: Know your gas consumption? 3. How to save gas on heating? 4. How to save gas in the kitchen? 5. Save gas bathroom 6. More gas saving tips

Beforehand: Why should one save gas at all?

Due to the energy price crisis and the gas price development in recent times the Gas costs as of April 2022 so high, as rarely before. Since many households use gas for heating and hot water, it is especially useful to look at the potential savings of gas to reduce gas consumption and save on the price of gas.

In addition to a personal Cost saving, that comes with lower consumption, saving gas has other benefits for you and others: By consuming less gas, you not only save money for yourself, but ultimately also for the environment due to the lower consumption of fossil fuels.

Reasons to save gas: Negative impact of gas on the environment:

– Gas is a fossil fuel and sets when burning climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) free Methane is the main component of natural gas and extremely climate-damaging
– Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane contribute significantly to the Global warming at

Prerequisite for saving gas: Know your gas consumption?

How to save gas? If you want to save gas, the first thing you need to do is to reduce your know your current gas consumption. Only if you know fairly precisely how much gas is used for heating and hot water can you take the appropriate steps and turn adjusting screws to reduce your gas consumption.

Calculate your own gas consumption

You can calculate the energy consumption of your gas heating by first determining the natural gas consumption at your home. You can easily find this out by multiplying your Read the gas meter at regular intervals and note the meter reading.

Convert cubic meters to kilowatt hours Since the meter reading on the gas meter is in cubic meters, you need to convert it to kilowatt hours to calculate your gas consumption. You can do this with a gas converter or with a simple formula: gas consumption cubic meters x calorific value x condition number = gas consumption kWh. All information about the calorific value. You will find the state number on your gas bill.

After the gas conversion you only have to multiply the result with your living space and you will get the average annual consumption in kWh/m². If you do not use your heating for Hot water heating you still have to add 1.Subtract 000 kWh per year and per person. In the following you see a calculation example:

Gas consumption single-family house = living space (m²) x average annual consumption (kWh/m²)
Example with hot water140 m² x 160 kWh/m² = 22.400 kWh (2 persons) example without hot water: 140 m² x 140 kWh/m² = 19.600 kWh (2 persons)

Practicalfor more information on calculating your gas and energy consumption, see our detailed article: Averages and Formulas.

Even easier: The consumption calculator from Energiemarie

It is even easier to use a gas converter, because here you do not have to write down several values over a long period of time first. Your Electricity and gas consumption you can calculate via the consumption calculator of Energiemarie. In less than two minutes you can get an idea of your annual energy consumption.

Know your energy consumption? Would you like to determine your electricity and gas consumption in order to save costs? Find out your annual energy consumption in just two minutes with our consumption calculator! Consumption calculator

Average gas consumption in Germany

To help you better estimate the results of your personal gas consumption, it is best to take a look at the following Average values for gas consumption in Germany. In this way, your personal potential for saving gas. The associated gas costs more clearly.

If gas is used in your household exclusively for heating, the number of people living in the household is of course not relevant for the gas consumption. However, if the hot water is also heated with gas, the number of persons does play a role. On average, you can assume the following consumption depending on the number of people:

Source: Average gas consumption in Germany, E.ON, 2022)

How to save gas on heating?

Have you been able to figure out your gas consumption? Become average 85 percent of gas consumption in German households used for heating. If you now want to save gas – and accordingly money – it is a good idea to take initial measures with regard to the heating system.

Saving tips for heating

Adjust your heating thermostat so that valuable heat is not wasted. Choose an appropriate room temperature, based on the following temperatures, to be able to save gas costs.

– Recommended room temperatures – living room: 20 °C to 22 °C – bedrooms: 15 °C to 18 °C – kitchens: 16 °C to 18 °C – bathrooms: 22 °C to 24 °C – corridors and hallways: 15 °C to 16 °C

Save gas underfloor heating

Even if you have underfloor heating, you can reduce your heating costs. Comfortable warmth and climate-friendly heating with underfloor heating can be combined very well. How to save gas? With the following tips to save gas underfloor heating can reduce heating costs in most households.

– Methods for saving gas underfloor heating Regular venting of the underfloor heating system carry out (possibly by a heating engineer) – modern Room thermostats for efficient control of underfloor heating – If you want a carpet, choose one with a low thermal resistance
One degree Saves less six percent heating costs

Save gas with new heating

Your central heating system is getting on in years and should be replaced? Do you also want to save gas with a new heating system? This is a good idea, because if you move into a new gas heating invest with a condensing boiler, you can Save ten to 30 percent energy – always depends on the age and condition of your old boiler. The cost of a new gas central heating system, including installation, for a single-family home can range from 9.000 and 13.Amount to 000 euros.

Save gas with a new heating system: subsidies for heating systemsIn the context of the reorganization of subsidies through the adopted climate package, new provisions apply to gas heating systems. As of March 2022, only gas hybrid heating systems are subsidized. These are heating systems that combine gas with renewable energy as a heat transfer medium or are designed to integrate renewable energy in the near future. An overview of all subsidies can be found at BAFA.

How to save gas in the kitchen?

Do you want to save more gas in the household? Especially in the kitchen there is a great potential for savings especially concerning gas saving hot water. Not infrequently, hot water is finally provided in the kitchen with a central gas heating system or with a gas boiler. Hot water for washing dishes can quickly lead to high gas consumption.

– With these tips you can save gas in the kitchen – pots and pans always only on the suitable hotplate put Lids on the pots set – With the lowest possible little liquid cooking – With a Steam cooker cooking – Use the Dishwasher directly to the Hot water pipe connect

Save gas bathroom

In addition to heating, hot water is also used in the bathroom, which – as in the kitchen – can lead to a considerable Savings potential leads. If you heed the following tips for saving gas in the bathroom, you will be able to keep your gas costs as low as possible.

– With these tips you can save gas in the bathroom Showers instead of bathing – Convert to a Saving shower head
– Small operations (such as z. B. Washing your hands or shaving) can also be done with cold water take place – The turn down the heating as much as possible
Shock ventilation in the bathroom

More gas saving tips

Energy tips how can i save gas.

If you are already implementing the tips mentioned, you can save even more gas in the home with additional measures. By using these simple energy saving ideas you will keep your Gas consumption and the associated energy costs so low as possible.

– You can save even more gas in the home with these tips Shock Ventilation and at the same time turn down the heating (no tilting windows) – windows and doors seal
Room doors closed Keep (especially to cooler rooms) Insulation as well as insulation check and possibly renew Insulate heating pipes and thereby save gas costs Gas provider change, to benefit from lower gas prices

Have you reduced your consumption as much as possible, but are you still annoyed by high gas costs? In this case it is best to also consider a Gas provider change in consideration. Use, for example, the friendly as well as competent Change service of energy marie to be able to save electricity and gas. Here they help you to find the most favorable gas tariff (or also electricity tariff) for you personally.

We find the right energy provider! 🕑 Mo.-Fr.

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