Eindhoven obtains intelligent adaptive glass factory

Eindhoven obtains intelligent adaptive glass factory

The site will have the capacity to produce enough ink for 300.000 to 400.To produce 000 m2 of smart glass.

Intelligent adaptive glass from eLstar Dynamics offers energy-efficient dimmable windows, skylights and automotive applications. The company's technology makes it possible, among other things, to precisely control the amount of solar energy, which includes both light and infrared rays, that enters a building or vehicle. The technology also helps regulate glass reflection and direct heat gain.

Light transmission from 0.2 to 70%

In practice, this means, among other things, that eLstar Dynamics glazing determines how much sunlight enters a home or building through its windows. Solar energy can be let in to heat a room if desired. Or can counteract additional heating of the room by blocking sunlight. The light transmission of the glass can be adjusted from 0.2 to 70%.

The technology offers several advantages. For example, smart glass can help reduce energy consumption. Among other things, the intelligent use of solar energy can reduce heating-. Reducing a building's cooling needs. At the same time, the technology enhances the comfort of residents and users. So they are less disturbed by bright sunshine. Enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment.

Scale the manufacturing process

The new Eindhoven facility, which eLstar Dynamics is building, is expected to intensify the process of making the so-called "solar control" inks for these windows. These inks are pigment-based. According to eLstar, this offers advantages in terms of longevity and robustness, among other things. This property also ensures that the glass can be produced in any color. That increases the freedom of design. Allows windows to be color-matched to their surroundings.

A full-scale prototype of the intelligent adaptive glass is planned for the end of this year. The company plans to demonstrate a 1300 by 1100 mm pane of glass. The business roadmap is available here.

Elstar envisions several applications for its technology. Consider designing more sustainable homes. Elstar windows can help minimize energy consumption. However, also consider the automotive sector, where technology can increase driver privacy and convenience.

TNO invisible glass coating

The use of windows to improve the durability of houses to reduce energy consumption is not new. TNO, among others, has been experimenting with this for some time now. So gift TNO in 2020 windows with invisible glass coating, which can lead to 22% energy savings compared to using untreated window glass. The liner does this by retaining heat at high temperatures and allowing heat at cold temperatures.

TNO has calculated that the use of these so-called "thermochromic windows" can save 638 euros per home in the Netherlands. On an annual basis, a CO2 reduction of 4.5 million tons is possible.

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