Driving at night

Driving at night

Driving through the night – that is definitely associated with a certain potential danger. Because about 40 percent of all accidents occur at night. Nevertheless, driving late at night is sometimes fun, and it often even has its advantages.

Truck drivers are often out at night. And also families, which drive with the car into the vacation, prefer this time sometimes, in order to reach relaxed their destination. For example, this reduces the risk of being stuck in a traffic jam on the hot asphalt of the highway during the day when the sun is shining. To ensure that you drive safely and arrive safely in the dark, you should heed the following tips.

Identify hazards and obstacles in the dark in a timely manner

The visibility is considerably worse in the dark than during the day. It should also be noted that deer, wild boar, hares and co. Are almost magically attracted by the headlights of passing cars. That's why, especially in rural areas, you have to expect more often that animals suddenly stand on the roadway or even run onto the road at high speed. The risk of a wildlife accident is therefore particularly high in spring and fall.

It has been shown time and time again that some drivers drive without lights at dusk. Apparently, the individual perception of many road users is sometimes quite different when it comes to correctly assessing visibility conditions. Basically, it is recommended that you turn on the headlights of your vehicle both during the day and at night. Then you will be seen by other drivers from a distance. By the way, in some of Germany's neighboring countries it is compulsory to drive with lights on even during daylight hours.

The best tips for safe night driving

Generally drive slower at night. So you have a longer reaction time, and are better prepared in case unexpected people, animals or dangerous traffic obstacles appear in front of you.
– At night there are many overtired drivers on the roads. Keep your distance to road users who stand out due to an unusual driving style, for example a particularly slow or meandering driving style. Your reaction time may be impaired due to overtiredness.
– If it is quiet in your vehicle and the route is rather monotonous, then this interaction can have a fatiguing effect in the darkness. Consequently, your attention decreases. Open the side window a bit to allow more oxygen to enter the vehicle interior. This increases your attention. You can concentrate better.
– Switch on the high beams when traffic is light and no oncoming traffic is in sight. The intensive light cone broadened. Extend your field of vision. You will be noticed by other road users from a distance and are thus safer on the road.
– If you are alone in the car at night and therefore can't talk to a passenger,
turn on your favorite music. You stay more awake and can concentrate better on the journey. In addition, the particular atmosphere of the night often heightens the senses and helps to pick out even the finest details of a song as you listen to it. This is how a first-class song gets "even better.
– Put on longer stretches regularly smaller breaks a. Do short gymnastic exercises and eat or drink something to help you concentrate better as you continue your journey.
To take a break, head for car stations or inviting rest stops, or take advantage of drive-in offers, to recover during your ride. These little breaks help against fatigue and have a refreshing effect.
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