Do you know the hidden function in the handle of your car?.

Do you know the hidden function in the handle of your car?.

There are some things that you hardly think about because they seem obvious. Here it is worth taking a closer look. A young TikToker is amazed at the secrets your car's handle holds.

Fear handle: Do you know the hidden function in the handle of your car??

The surprised and thoughtful look of jmac 8781 is already funny enough. But what's especially great is that you can still learn a lot in this TikTok video. See for yourself.

You know the handholds above the side windows in your car for sure. These are there to hold on to – what else?? Have you ever wondered why the handles keep folding upwards?? And why you always have to drive along the wall paneling to reach in when using it again? Most likely, the grab handle is designed to be in the way as little as possible. A little trick, however, makes it stay put.

How to use the grab rails correctly

Looks simple, but the grab rail, which is also called a fear grip, is not constructed so simply at all. Take a closer look: The two supposed screw covers to the right and left of the grab handle aren't actually covers at all, but rather… Locking devices, i.E. A kind of stopper. If you push or fold it down, the grab handle remains in the unfolded version and does not move up to the wall after you release it.

Additional tip: On most of the handholds on the side windows there is also a little goodie. A mini coat hook, which is perfect for hanging jackets and also helps to darken the window when there is no sun protection. But please always pay attention to the safety in road traffic and pay attention to the side mirrors and the well-known blind spot in the driver's area for clear view.

Here you can see the funny video of the amazed TikTokerin and the corresponding hack.

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