Disco brawl in knetzgau: “it was like a football game”

A mass brawl that took place on 17. april 2016 after two o’clock in the morning in and in front of a discotheque in knetzgau is now being dealt with in a total of three criminal proceedings at the local court.

Eight guests injured

On Wednesday, a security guard from the district of Bamberg sat in the dock on charges of dangerous bodily harm. According to the indictment, the 32-year-old sprayed pepper spray aimlessly in and outside the discotheque that evening, injuring eight patrons. the injured suffered irritations in the eye, nose and mouth area. the defendant admitted to the use of pepper spray in the building in court. One guest was beaten by another guest so that he was bleeding behind his ear.

When the accused and a colleague escorted the thug outside, the aggressive guest clenched his fists and threatened to strike. the colleague then put the guest in a headlock to restrain him.

Aggressors to be restrained

At that moment, other men joined in and "brutally" attacked the two bouncers punching. He then used the pepper spray in a targeted manner, whereupon the thugs initially stopped hitting him.

However, the brawl then continued outside the discotheque. The main aggressor ran up to him outside to hit him. He defended himself and kicked him.O. Beaten, the accused stated on record.

His colleague got it worse, being held by two attackers and punched several times directly in the face by a third one. When he was lying on the floor, he was also kicked. Both bouncers would not have suffered serious injuries. Nevertheless, he was so shocked by the evening that he hung up his job as a security guard. The defendant claimed that he had not used pepper spray before the disco.

Family clan brawl

The operator of the discotheque, whose statement to the police was read out in court, stated that a family clan of ten to fifteen people was involved in the brawl. People were lying on the floor, fists were flying. "It was like a football game" he said.

A guest who appeared in the trial as a joint plaintiff was seriously injured. He had to take a severe beating.

Hole in the head

His skull was broken and he still has a hole in his head, he said on the record. He got so much pepper spray that he thought "his eyes would fly out", and he was afraid of going blind. His cousin intervened and saved his life. He was in the hospital. Since that evening he has been suffering from anxiety, is receiving psychological treatment and is unable to work.

Court clearly recognizes self-defense

The court considered the use of pepper spray in the discotheque to be self-defense on the part of the defendant. The court did not consider it proven that he had indiscriminately sprayed pepper spray in front of the discotheque. The case against the previously blameless defendant was therefore dropped. All costs paid by the state. By the way: the main perpetrator and initiator of the brawl has not yet been identified because, according to the chairwoman, he is being covered up by all the witnesses.

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