Car tax for classic cars

For oldtimer cars you also have to pay a vehicle tax in Germany. Lovers of those older cars, which also carry the term classic car in Germany, can consider themselves lucky. The state levies significantly less motor vehicle tax for this type of vehicle than would often be necessary for them under normal circumstances in today's world. How is the vehicle tax calculated for oldtimers and youngtimers??

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Vehicle tax for classic cars calculator

Car tax for classic cars

How much car tax for classic cars?

With a flat tax amount of 191.73 euros per year, all obligations regarding the motor vehicle tax are settled. For classic cars in the form of motorcycles even only the marginal rate of 46.02 euros per year applies.

Who drives a classic car, can save a lot of vehicle tax. However, there are certain conditions regarding the calculation of the car tax for classic cars. This is mainly about the registration of a motorcycle or a car as a classic car and the distinction between youngtimer and classic car.

Car tax for classic cars

Vehicle tax for classic cars calculation

The reason for the low taxation of classic cars is the assumed infrequent use of such a vehicle, which is rather used for trips than as a daily means of transport. Often classic cars are not used for months at all. This is what the state takes into account when determining the motor vehicle tax for classic cars. How to calculate the vehicle tax for classic cars?

– The flat tax rate for a classic car with H license plate is 191.73 euros per year. This makes a daily rate of 0,52528 €. So, if you register a classic car only from the second half of the year (so in 2018, the first registration would have to be in 1988), you will pay tax for 183 days, for example. 183 x 0,52528 € = 96,13 Euro taxes. The coveted status as a classic car with an H license plate must the owners. Holder to be clarified in a general inspection. Those who drive with retrofitted modern navi will not get a classic car status. Changes that were common at the time of the first registration of the classic car are accepted, however. What to look out for if you want to have your car classified as a classic car?

– Modifications must be typical for the period of the classic car and may not include any innovations – Ideally, the vehicle should be as close as possible to its original condition – The vehicle may be restored, but not with components from the following series of the model. This is especially true for motorization

The classic car status of the car can be determined at the main inspection (ie TÜV) or by an appraiser in advance to clarify. However, the tax concession can only be achieved by a TÜV inspector.

– Especially pleasant for all those who are real connoisseurs of old cars: The H license plate is transferable and so you can drive several cars or two-wheelers with only one license plate. So you also pay only once the due Car tax.

Classic car tax: Important facts

– For classic cars less taxes have to be paid than for some newer cars
– Oldtimer status is connected with some conditions
– In addition to the classic car status, this is made official by an H license plate
– A flat rate of 191.73 euros must be paid in taxes for classic cars
– Motorcycles are subject to a lower tax rate of 46.02 euros
– Oldtimer status must be applied for at the TÜV or at Dekra

Frequently asked questions about vehicle tax for classic cars

Oldtimers are exempt from the obligation of a fine dust sticker. Other older used cars, which have a yellow or red sticker for particulate matter, may drive only very limited in the inner cities. If you own a vintage car that is officially registered as a classic car by an H license plate, you may drive in a city center without a sticker. The H license plate for a classic car is transferable. Can be used for several classic cars. So you can further reduce the car tax for your classic cars if you use a red changeable license plate for more than one of your classic cars. In this case you will not get an H license plate. So that the classic car status for your used car before 2020. It depends on the day of registration, for example, if your used car is registered on 01.10.Was registered in 1990, it will be taxed from 01.10.2020 classified as an old timer. Before that, the full car tax is due.

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