Autonomous driving can prevent serious accidents

Autonomous driving can prevent serious accidents

It is the future topic in the car industry – autonomous driving. But how do people react to self-driving cars?? Supplier Continental explored this question in its latest mobility study.

Autonomous driving is the topic of the future in the automotive industry. But the most beautiful technology is of no use if people don't embrace it. But what do customers think about self-driving vehicles?? This is the question that supplier Continental explored in its latest 2015 mobility study. In Germany 1450 and in the USA 2092 people were asked about their opinion – and they see autonomous driving in a positive light. For example, 68 percent of those surveyed in Germany agreed with the statement "Automated driving can relieve me in monotonous or stressful driving situations". In the USA it was 54 percent.

Doubts about reliability

63 percent of the Germans surveyed agreed with the statement "Automated driving can prevent serious accidents" (U.S.: 43 percent) and 46 percent thought "If the car drives itself, I can do other things" (U.S.: 54 percent). But autonomous driving is also seen skeptically in some places. After all, 47 percent of Germans and 52 percent of Americans don't believe "it will ever work reliably".

The clearest differences between the two countries were in the statement "Automated driving scares me". While 43 percent in Germany agreed with the statement, in the U.S. It was 61 percent. For 39 percent of those surveyed in Germany, "autonomous driving will be part of daily life in 10 to 15 years" in the USA, 41 percent agreed with this. For the majority of Germans, self-driving cars also mean that they will be deprived of the fun of driving a car. The statement "Autonomous driving reduces the fun of driving" 66 percent of Germans agreed with the statement, compared with 58 percent in the U.S.

Similar results for AachenMünchner Versicherung

To partly similar results as the study of Continental came a straight published inquiry of the AachenMünchner insurance, for which 1000 Federal citizens were asked. According to the survey, 30 percent of Germans don't want to take the wheel out of their hands because they don't have confidence in the technology. In this opinion poll, 47 percent were afraid that the fun of driving would be lost if technology took over the driver's tasks.

23 percent of those surveyed by AachenMünchner, however, would welcome it if they no longer had to drive themselves. "Computer-aided programs such as braking and parking aids and traffic jam assistants are already making driving safer and less stressful. If this trend continues, Germans will be able to enjoy driving even more in the future", said Stefan Köhlbach from the MunichAachen.

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