Autodesk design & creation suites starting august 2022 different subscription models

Autodesk design & creation suites starting august 2022 different subscription models

Autodesk Design& Creation Suites available in various subscription models as of August 2016: Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) announced that licenses for most Autodesk design& Creation suites and standalone products after 31. July 2016 can only be purchased by taking out a subscription. At the launch of the new billing models, Autodesk will provide new, simplified subscription options that allow customers to access multiple products and share licenses as usual, while benefiting from the simplicity, ease of access and flexibility of a subscription model.

Subscription offers customers easier access, lower start-up costs, and the ability to use and pay for exactly the Autodesk products they need. Annual, quarterly or monthly billing options are available. This allows companies, for example, to respond more quickly and at a lower cost to changes in their internal structure and orders.

"The way we design and manufacture products is fundamentally changing: every industry is currently being shaken up by disruptions in manufacturing, demand and products," said Andrew Anagnost, senior vice president of Industry Strategy& Marketing from Autodesk. "Autodesk is embracing these new standards and evolving its business model to help our customers continue to succeed in their industries. By giving our customers the flexibility to purchase the exact subscription that meets their needs, we are putting them in the best position to remain competitive in this new era."

Earlier this year, Autodesk announced that the era of perpetual one-time licenses for most individual products would end after 31. January 2016 will be over and new licenses can only be purchased on a subscription basis. By now including most products that have not yet been converted, up to and including Autodesk Design& Creation Suites to subscription-based offerings, Autodesk takes the next step toward a new distribution model.

Individual choices when subscriptions are taken out

To make the transition to the subscription model as smooth as possible, Autodesk will offer a number of different options tailored to individual users, teams or entire companies. There will be offers for single or multi-user use for individual programs or an entire portfolio, which will include single and network licensing. These flexible choices protect and optimize investments in Autodesk technologies and enable a seamless transition to an era where Autodesk no longer issues perpetual, one-time licenses.

All perpetual one-time licenses of Autodesk Design& Creation Suites and other affected products that have been purchased by 31. July 2016 are acquired, retain their value even after the 1. August 2016 their full validity. This includes, in particular, licenses that include perpetual updates, as long as customers renew maintenance contracts.

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