Author reading with arno strobel on 11.11.2022 8a, 8b, 8w

He, too, was once a secondary school graduate. First learned the trade of automotive mechanic. He then practiced this profession in the German armed forces. But soon he realized that this is not what he wanted to do all his life. There was only one option: he had to go back to school and catch up on his school-leaving exams. After graduating, Mr. Strobel first worked in a bank for many years before he and his family decided to make his writing ambitions his main profession. He emphasized the message to the students once again: You never know where you will end up one day. But if you show enough perseverance and courage, you have the chance to do what you enjoy professionally.Arno Strobel first reads to the students from his book Final Act. The novel is set in the haze of the popular song contest television shows, in which young, hopeful people are exploited by the media. At least this is the opinion of the author, who did extensive research in advance of this book. This included anonymously interviewing two DSDS contestants. Arno Strobel learned here of so some monstrosities, which he processed in his youth novel. His second novel Abgründig is set in the mountains. Young people from completely different walks of life meet there to spend their vacations rock climbing. At night, a group sneaks away from the accommodation much too spartanly equipped to climb the Matterhorn on their own. Before that, they lay a trail for the caretakers so that they can't be found. It comes as it had to come: the group gets lost, but finds a hut. Since neither the supervisors nor the children know where they are, there is nothing to eat and rescue is not in sight, the group starts to quarrel. A girl disappears, leaving behind a pool of her blood.

In addition to the reading passages from his books, Arno Strobel always seeks personal conversations with the students. He tells how, even as a boy, he had to write love letters for his friends so that they could win back their beloved. As a 14-year-old, the German teacher publishes an essay by the author in a local paper without being asked. Since Arno could not write at that time the obligatory essay My most beautiful vacation experience he had not been like his classmates on journeys the teacher permits him to describe a fantasy journey and the succeeds! When the students are asked whether they have already written short texts, many fingers go up. As the students talk about their writing attempts, the guest gives them tips on how to come up with stories that can then be expanded upon. Just sit quietly in the playground for 10 minutes and observe the others. I bet you can think of a story!

The eighth grade classes would like to thank Mr. Strobel for the entertaining and exciting reading! Thanks a lot!

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