‘All test persons have voluntarily trained more

'All test persons have voluntarily trained more

Regular training with the Aquarider effectively exercises the whole body. Muscles and cardiovascular system are strengthened, well-being and physical fitness are decisively improved. Experts like Dr. Carsten Temme and the test subjects from the WZO distribution area confirm the outstanding training successes with the underwater ergometer exclusively developed and produced by the company "nemcomed" in 2004.

The call of the Teningen company in the weekly newspapers of the WZO South was very well received. About 80 pool owners from the distribution area applied for the three-week test phase. Three test persons, regardless of age, gender, height, weight and athleticism, were selected according to defined criteria to test the modern fitness equipment in close cooperation with "nemcomed" and in the service of health. The study is very informative because it covers different target groups, from ambitious athletes to recreational and health sports enthusiasts. The entrepreneurs Axel O. From Breisach (60), Volker R. From Rheinfelden (59) and Heinz K. (57) from Böhl-Iggelheim are thrilled because they have achieved measurable success in just a short time.

The versatile athlete

Axel O. From Breisach felt comfortable on the Aquarider right after the first workout. The 60-year-old, ambitious "jack-of-all-trades" is very versatile when it comes to sports. He actively plays golf, walks, jogs and swims. During the three-week test phase, he completed a total of 13 training sessions lasting between 40 and 50 minutes. Already at the second unit he integrated hand devices into the training, so in particular the special dumbbells for' s water. The dumbbells have clear advantages over the Terra bands, because the entire upper body is trained through the even use of force during the forward and backward movement, he notes. "The alternation between more intensive arm-. Footwork works very well. This is how a perfect whole body workout is created. After 40 minutes I'm completely exhausted. It's a good feeling," says the Breisach native enthusiastically. Interval training sessions he did as well. "The Aquarider is the ideal complement to my sporting activities, the combination of walking, jogging and aquacycling is perfect," he sums up. Even his knee pain from golfing (three rounds of golf in five days) was blown away after the workout. Music is an absolute must during aquacycling, the lively rhythms motivate him additionally.

The cyclist

Volker R. From Rheinfelden, a passionate cyclist, completed a total of nine workouts between 40 and 60 minutes on the Aquarider. In the first two sessions, the 59-year-old entrepreneur deliberately took it a little slower. He rode at about 60 revolutions per minute at the highest resistance level. After that, he increased the cadence to 70 to 75 revolutions per minute in order to work himself out even more. The pool owner from the border region exercised with a pulse belt and without music. "I kept the pace by my own control with the clock. That went quite well. My wife was just as enthusiastic about cycling on the Aquarider," he reports. He is not actually a water sportsman, but the Aquarider has made him discover the fun of training in the water. He sees the additional exercise in the water primarily as a preventive health measure. "After each workout I felt good, that motivates immensely," says the 59-year-old. After a long cycling session on land, the regeneration in the water, due to the pleasant training with the "massage effect", is just ideal, says the test person.

The recreational athlete

His expectations of the training with the Aquarider were fully met. "I also had a lot of fun aquabiking at home, which made me exercise even more than before," sums up Heinz K. From BöhlIggelheim enthusiastic. It's great that you can train in your own pool spontaneously and independently at any time you want. The fact that he could design his training sessions individually motivated him a lot. And so, in the three-week test phase, he swung himself onto the underwater ergometer a total of 14 times and trained intensively for between 25 and 35 minutes at a time. "Aquacycling gives me a good feeling of having done something for my body," he concludes. He is also very enthusiastic about the latest model of the Aquarider: "The complete training device is very well made and simply perfect for private use," judges the 57-year-old.

Suitable for any demands

Markus Scherer, founder and owner of the company "nemcomed", also draws a positive balance after the test run. "All subjects voluntarily trained more than we specified. Two to three sessions a week were planned. This has confirmed to us that the Aquarider is very well received and that good training results have been achieved," says Scherer happily in an interview with WZO. The study also showed that the Aquarider is suitable for a wide range of target groups, from ambitious athletes to recreational and health sports enthusiasts. "Everyone has improved their well-being and physical fitness and has integrated the Aquarider as a regular part of their daily routine," says Scherer.

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