50. Casteller wine festival: princely house celebrates with village community

50. Casteller wine festival: princely house celebrates with village community

Traditionally, the run across the schwanberg opened the 50th wine festival. Casteller wine festival on friday. Saturday was the official part of the anniversary, which began with a thanksgiving service in the afternoon in the castle courtyard. Afterwards, the guests of honor and the Franconian wine queen Carolin Meyer, who comes from the Castell district of Greuth, paraded to the festival site. There, host ferdinand prince zu castell pointed out: "50 years of the wine festival are also an occasion for us to be grateful."

At the same time, he pointed out the anniversary of "360 years of silvaner in franken" to. In castell, this grape variety was once the starting point; the house is almost inseparably linked with the silvaner, as is now the entire wine region of franconia.


Forerunners in the 1950s

It was 1970 when the princely house started the first festival in the castle park. It evolved from the horse shows that took place in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then it has been a popular occasion to visit the place and the festival. State secretary gerhard eck emphasized this point. Up to one million guests have probably visited the wine festival in the meantime, he extrapolated.

in 1970, there were only a few festivals of this kind in franconia; castell had set standards for the region. the princely house does not rely on commerce; rather, the focus is on the franconian way of life and the spirit of community. The princely family identifies with the people and the region, eck emphasized.

The advantages of the castell wine festival were highlighted by the franconian wine queen carolin meyer. The potential of the castle park was recognized there early on. The atmosphere was a good place to slow down. The music is rather discreet, the emphasis is not on volume, but on the ambience. "It is perhaps the most beautiful wine festival in franconia", carolin meyer braids garlands for her home village.

celebration for princely house and village community

Castell’s mayor, Jochen Kramer, said he remembers the event’s beginnings well, having been present at each of the 50 wine festivals. "We castellers love our wine festival – and have done so for 50 years now. I have always experienced the festival as an event of a village community, in which the associations and the village stand behind it." the event was well planned right from the start. They enjoyed the coziness and peace there instead of the atmosphere and fun, said Kramer.

For the senior of the princely house, marie-louise zu castell-castell, the event is "the" event of the year festival of the family. A good 100 family members visited the castle, which the 87-year-old senior citizen was particularly pleased about. "It is certainly the highlight of the year. I have 32 grandchildren and 45 great-grandchildren, 39 of whom are here today alone. It is an experience for me to have all of them here." A group of 40 family members had taken part in the schwanberg run the day before, she revealed.

A visit to the casteller weinfest is still possible in the coming days. At the weekend 26. Until 28. July, will be celebrated once again from friday to sunday inclusive. In between, on Wednesday evening, 24. July, the benefit wine festival in favor of the lebenshilfe takes place.

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