18. Birthday

Hey, I am Katrin Hermann (21 years). My 18. My birthday is three years ago now – I'm going to get that coming of age feeling. Never forgetting the "freedom" that comes with it. My 18th birthday is now three years ago – I will never forget this feeling of coming of age. The associated "freedom" never forget. 🙂

You eagerly await this day – and suddenly it's here! Finally driving a car alone, finally partying without a time limit (unfortunately not possible at the moment due to corona), traveling without the permission of my parents, getting a tattoo/piercing, signing contracts and much more…

I was so proud when I held my driver's license in my hands. I left right away, packed my friends and we went to Mäci. Wow, that was

18. Birthday

an incredible feeling to be so "independent".

Of course, the newfound freedom also brings with it obligations. The saying "Parents are responsible for their children" is no longer valid. Now it is important to handle the new freedoms responsibly! From then on you can decide about your own life. Thus also determine over your finances.

Of course, the topic "personal finances" sounds dull and complicated for many people. As a young person you prefer to push this topic in front of you. However, my training as a banker made me realize how important it is to have my financial affairs in order. My colleague – who is also my personal advisor – supported me in all important things. It helped me to update my account documents, check my insurances and assign powers of attorney for my parents.

Did you know that your account is completely free until the end of your studies or training?? I think it's great, because when you come of age, you have to deal with one or two expenses anyway. Often you don't even have them on your radar, because mom and dad used to take care of it all. In my case, for example, this was the cost of my mobile flat rate. To stay on top of things, I use the VR Banking app – I definitely can't do without it – especially since I've been in charge of my finances myself.

18. Birthday

Checking my account – anytime and anywhere – and making transfers is a must-have for me. Talking about transfers – do you know this: You get a common birthday present and lay out the money for your friends? Then you definitely know how long it takes to get your money back from everyone… For me it's a breeze! 🙂 I simply request my money back with "KWITT" – a function of the VR-BankingApp. With KWITT you can send money like a SMS without IBAN input. VERY COOL!

Fancy another lifehack, which is very helpful to you with your finances? Yes? No? I tell it to you anyway. 😉 I never realized before, why I should keep my bank statements. Today I know it, because I have to hand in my tax return for the first time. It's lucky that I have my bank statements saved in my electronic mailbox – they are archived there for a whole 10 years! I can thus save myself an unnecessary search in various account statement folders.

18. Birthday

When I talked to my advisor, however, my goals and wishes were also in the foreground. My savings goal at that time? A long-distance trip to Asia, more precisely: Thailand! 🙂 OUT INTO LIFE!… My dream came true already one year later and I started my adventurous journey. However, I would probably not have been able to realize my wish so quickly without the savings recommendation of my consultant. She also gave me my own credit card, which I FINALLY got when I turned 18 – I was very happy about that. Who wants to carry a lot of cash with them when paying is more convenient these days?. Whether at home or abroad, in the store, at the gas station or, of course, in the online store – with the credit card you can pay securely, cashlessly and contactless worldwide.

I'm already saving for my next trip – after the pandemic. 🙂

Curious? You are in good hands with VR GenoBank DonauWald. We help you start your own business and support you in making the right decisions for your financial future.

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