13 Iron rules for driving at high speed

13 Iron rules for driving at high speed

Since ancient times, there is the custom of climbing the heights at the Qingming Festival. It is good to take the whole family to the Qingming vacation to "wash your lungs" in the remote suburbs and counties. When it comes to traveling, it is inevitable to talk about safety. If you are planning a vacation in Ching Ming, especially if you are driving on trunk roads, the following 13 laws about road traffic will be of great help to your travel safety.

To help you deepen your understanding, we have added a video after each "Iron Law" in the hope that you will be able to fully remember it through counter-examples.

1. Remember to stop suddenly on the highway

If I were to assess the degree of danger for various dangerous actions in high-speed accidents, I would first put the sudden stop on the highway first. Sudden stop is the most dangerous, and there is no one. The reason is very simple. The speed of the highway is very high. If you stop suddenly and the vehicle behind cannot avoid swerving, it will hit you directly. Remember the slowest speed limit of the highway, which is 90 km/h. When the speed is reached, the vehicle ahead will directly hit and fly.

If you have to stop on a highway (z. B. In case of a sudden traffic accident), you must check this in advanceRear view mirror If other cars, especially large trucks, are following you, please slow down in advance and turn on the double flash to remind the following cars to pay attention, and give the following cars enough distance and time to slow down. If the rear vehicle always honks or flashes, believe me, he may not stop the car.) At this time, you do not need to stop, but drive on the hard shoulder. Take a look at the video below, which is an example of an accident that almost resulted in an accident due to an emergency stop on a highway!

According to the statistics of the National Expressway Department, every year there will beBrake It is not as good as hitting the vehicle in front of you. Regardless of what CNCAP or NCAP 5-star collision certification your car has received at this time, it is useless to. A steel plate with a thickness of a few millimeters is easier to pierce through a piece of A4 paper in a high-speed impact than it is for us.

Remember, please remember not to stop on the highway without any problems, especially if you are in a hurry, do not even think about stopping when there is no car around to be "practical", maybe a car will come in a moment..

2. A flat tire can stabilize your mood and not panic

Data shows that a flat tire is the biggest obstacle to safety when driving at high speeds. If a flat tire occurs at a speed of more than 160 km/h, the mortality rate is almost 100%. But you don't have to worry too much. As long as we can stay within the speed limit, even if we have a blowout accident on a highway, it's no big deal, but the premise is that you don't panic. The following is how to proceed in the event of a flat tire accident.

1, hold it with both handsSteering wheel And may not turn the steering wheel

2, After a puncture, don't immediately brake at full speed

3. If the situation is controllable, please pull out your hand, take 0.5 seconds to turn on the double flash, and continue to hold the steering wheel immediately after completion

4. Watching the rear view mirror is very important

5. If it is a flat tire on a high-speed road and the vehicle speed is less than 100 km/h, use a light brake to slow down.

Flat tires are really rare. So when it happens suddenly, people's reaction is most important. Hold your breath and don't think you're done with a puncture. Stay calm, follow the above method, you can definitely control the situation, trust me, you can hold it.

3. "Ten car accidents. Nine times faster" is not wrong. To tell the truth, some local drivers think they are driving a good car and do not care about anything. You can pass all kinds of cars at high speeds and look at all kinds of things. It's not pleasing to the eye to see who's killing who, but you don't know that your own life is in your own hands. If you kill others in different ways, you can be killed yourself.

Don't be superstitious that you can drive a good car and go too fast. Look at various accident reports, whether it isBMW Or Porsche, whether Volvo promotes safety, has cases of serious accidents caused by high speeds. God won't leave you alone just because you drive a million dollar luxury car. The speed limit on our national highway is 120 km/h. As I just said, a flat tire happens at a high speed of over 160 km/h, whether you are a car or not.Seatbelt The mortality rate is 100%. In addition, even at high speed, the braking distance is greatly increased, which can easily lead to serious traffic accidents such as rear-end collisions.

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