100 Years of the volunteer fire department sossau

100 Years of the volunteer fire department sossau

March 1897 the fire department had its first operation. Together with the fire departments from Teisbach, Loiching, Dingolfing, Nieder- und Oberviehbach and Dornwang, the task was to extinguish a fire at a property in Höfen. On 23. August of the founding year, the fire brigade was again in action. A barn burned across the street from the district hospital.

On 26. In September 1897, the first supra-local inspection of the fire department took place. That importance was generally attached to this inspection can be seen from the fact that even the newspaper reported on it. At 29. September, the Isar Zeitung (Nr. 116): "In Sossau has last Sunday the 26. September the first inspection of the newly founded volunteer fire department by Mr. District Representative Grätzer took place. The training of the recently equipped firefighters turned out to be good and the district representative, who called on the firefighters to do their best, did not lack words of praise. From Dingolfings fire-brigade 2 gentlemen of the Verwaltungsrath were appeared. The fire department Sossau has so far received 100 Marks from the district and the district fund together."

In September 1899 the whole village of Sossau was again convinced of the necessity of a fire department. During a flood the help of the fire brigade was needed in all corners and ends. The reporter writes: "In the village of S o s s a u a sad picture of devastation can be seen. There, on Thursday night, when the water masses came on so suddenly, the fire department went into action and helped to save what could be saved. The most seriously affected are the landowners Baumgartner and Kellner. In the former, the high tide reached up to the roof of the rear building; in the living room, the water was 1.50 m deep and even yesterday, Monday, the floorboards were still floating there. A mighty pile of straw was carried from Kellner` s house all around the house; in the stable, barn, yard space ec. Is to look an abomination of the desolation. At Wenger's and in several houses, the grain was standing in the water up to a depth of 1m. A road was torn away next to the railroad guard's house. The water stormed here 1 ½ Mtr. The water from the dam rose with terrible force, but had no outlet; hence the severe devastation, for which the railroad embankment is to blame, which was built at this point without a culvert. Not since time immemorial has there been such a high water level in Sossau" (Isar Zeitung Nr. 109 v. 20.9.1899).

On 19. In May 1901 the fire department took part in the consecration of the flag of the Dingolfing Volunteer Fire Brigade.

On 25. In September 1903 the equipment of the still young fire brigade was completed. From the Fa. Ludwig P a u l from Bayreuth became a Saug-. Pressure fire engine with 2 jet tubes acquired. Ludwig P a u l from Bayreuth became a suction-. Pressure fire engine with 2 jet tubes acquired. The machine cost 1.100 marks. The chronicler reports about the first exercise with this new device to the Isar newspaper, which published this report on 9. October 1903 in no. 117 printed. The report: "Sossau, 7. Oct. The new suction and pressure fire engine, which our village has received, has worked excellently during the first test, which took place last Sunday. The two hose pipes resulted in a jet range of 28 meters. The representative of the supplying company, Paul Ludwig of Bayreuth, was himself present to give more detailed instructions. Also Mr. District representative Grätzer from Ottering attended the rehearsal. After the work was done, there was a good time in Resch's inn, where many words of appreciation and thanks were spoken."Valuable help was provided by this sprayer already a few months later. From 9. On the 10. April of the year 1904 it burned in the brewery Wasserburger. Only under intensified employment of the fire-brigades Dingolfing, Sossau, Gottfrieding, Frichlkofen, Dornwang, Moosthenning and Lengthal could be prevented a spreading of the fire on the surrounding development. So the purchase of the new sprayer had already paid for itself.

That the people have not changed in the years since the existence of the fire department can be seen from the local press of the year 1905. There the editor leads on 23. On the occasion of the new call-up and exercise of the compulsory fire department in September, the town complains that it is not acceptable to impose the entire burden and duration of the fire operation on the men of the voluntary fire departments, while hundreds of curious onlookers stand around at every fire and hinder the work of the firemen. The 170 men of the compulsory fire department were called up to assist the well-trained men of the voluntary fire departments.

Disagreements with the city council arose in 1906, when the council refused to compensate the fire brigade for private vehicles used for fire-fighting operations outside the city area. When a fire broke out on Erlmeier's property in Gottfriedingerschwaige in the spring of 1906, a minor scandal ensued. The municipal administration complained to the district office (=Landratsamt) about the fire department Sossau and blamed them that only because of the late arrival of the Sossauerer fire department, the fire could spread unnecessarily and therefore avoidable damage was caused. The city council dealt with the matter on 2. May 1906. After inquiries, the latter fully supported the fire brigade from Sossau. In the resolution passed for submission to the district office, it says: "The city magistrate takes note of the report of the Gottfrieding municipal administration to the k. District Office Dingolfing because of the fire in Gottfriedingerschwaige knowledge and decides, it is the assertion of the Gde.Administration Gottfrieding as if only the late arrival of the Sossauer fire brigade had been to blame for the spread of the fire, back. The truth lies differently. The fire engine of the municipality Gottfrieding is defective. Has as one hears the service failed. The fire alarm service has apparently also failed, because here one did not know about the fire. The local fire department would have immediately rushed to the rescue. As far as the fire department of Sossau is concerned, the municipality cannot accept the obligation to send two fire engines as a rule. One cannot give so much hose material for two syringes along. One wants however voluntarily the fire-brigade Sossau in such a way to accommodate that for the Spritzenfahren, then by the municipality Dingolfing 6 Marks each is paid, if the voluntary fire-brigade Sossau into the localities Gottfrieding, Gottfriedinger Schwaige and Rosenau to the assistance comes. In the to the Stadtgde. Dingolfing belonging localities the Spritzenfahren must be operated free of charge, as this happens with the local fire department also."The complaint of the Gde. Gottfrieding has thus in retrospect the application of the fire brigade Sossau to a positive result helped. The dispute, however, obviously smoldered on, even though at an inspection by the district representative Grätzer in October 1907, the 20-man crew left an excellent impression. Grätzer called the Sossau fire brigade "small but mighty. In the year 1908 it came again to a controversy with the city magistrate because of the hose care. The assumption of the material costs required for this purpose. The fire brigade demanded from the city a lump sum compensation for the hose maintenance of 5,-Mark / year, as well as of 3,- Mark per fire case and could prevail with it in the end also. The reason for the partly also considering the conditions at the beginning of the 20. In 1911, the seemingly petty wrangling between the parties involved becomes clear. A letter from the Fa. Paul Ludwig from Bayreuth to the city magistrate contributes to the clarification. On 10. December 1911 she writes: "the voluntary fire department Sossau received in 1903 a new fire engine at a cost of 1.130 marks and in 1899 and the following years, goods of about 240 marks. By 1907, the fire department had paid off the merchandise debts up to about 60 Mk, and the fire engine up to 253 Mk by 1908, which is a respectable achievement for a small fire department. As I was informed, differences arose in the fire department, as a result of which since then the payments faltered."The Fa. Requested further the assumption and payment of the remaining debt by the city with the reason that the fire department Sossau forms after all a component of the urban mechanisms. The fire department, which was asked for its opinion, also applied for the remaining debt to be taken over by the city or for a corresponding subsidy to be granted. The city's response was a letter to the Dingolfing Fire Department, which was asked for an expert opinion on the question of whether it would make sense for the city area on the left bank of the Isar to have its own fire department company, which would be subordinate to the Dingolfing Fire Department. However, the then captain of the Dingolfinger Wehr, Schindlbeck, wanted to get an opinion on the matter from the district representative Grätzer. What this looked like, or whether a response was given at all, can no longer be determined. As a reaction of the fire department Sossau had to Mr. Grätzer in the meeting of the district fire department on 29.4.1912 announce the dissolution of the fire department Sossau. What was ultimately the reason to change the minds of those responsible for the Sossau fire department and the crew and to convince them of the necessity of the fire department for the common good can no longer be understood. The city did not give in this time. Nevertheless, at the district fire brigade day in Failnbach on 23. June 1912 by the district representative the continuance of the fire department Sossau to be communicated.

With new courage and commitment, the practice was resumed with 27 men. Also supra-locally one was present. On 22. June 1913 the district fire department day of the year 1913 took place in Sossau in the inn Reisinger. In addition to a joint exercise with the Gottfrieding fire department (!) and Thürnthenning found also a concert of the municipal fire brigade. Chapel instead of.

The money and thus the condition of the material remained however also further scarce. Thus it came also with the city magistrate further to tensions over refused subsidies and compensations for extinguishing operations. The 1. World War II and the associated personnel problems aggravated the situation further. The Isar newspaper published therefore also on 18. August 1914 the following call: "Dingolfing, 18. Aug. (Fire department) The mobilization has greatly thinned the ranks of our fire departments. The fire brigades are in urgent need of reinforcement of the manpower. The mobilization has thinned the ranks of our fire departments strongly. The fire brigades urgently need a reinforcement of the manpower. The district representatives and commanders are therefore requested to recruit suitable men in their hometowns as substitutes for the fire department. In response to a request from the National Fire Brigade Committee, the Ministry approved that people as young as 16 years of age could now be. The fire departments are open to men up to the age of 60, and men up to the age of 60 can join. Age can be kept as members."In June 1917 there was a fire in Sossau. The Isar Zeitung reports: "An eyewitness writes to us about the fire in Sossau: The voluntary fire department of Sossau arrived at the scene of the fire, and it is thanks to their quick and energetic intervention that the devastating element was confined to its hearth and the Lux property, which was only 3 meters away and already burning, was saved. The lack of water reserves was again very noticeable. As one finds no such reserves in Schwaige-Höll and Geratsberg, so it would not be too much in the extended Sossau, if a second reserve for the lower part was still available. Just in this expensive time one could save so much, which would be quite necessary, since one gets for the dear money soon nothing more."

Again in 1917 the fire brigade had financial difficulties. With the tailor Meindl could not be paid 4 Joppen. The commander, who was again asked to comment, had the secretary give the following answer: "The commander of the volunteer fire department Sossau b. Dingolfing explains to have no money in the cash, and they have to do only with payment of the fire engine, with supporting subsidy payment is made. Dingolfing, the 3.3.1917. Lechner, secretary."This time the city council accepted the proposal and agreed to pay half of the outstanding 64 marks for the 4 yokes to the fire brigade. Meindl to pay, if the weir immediately settles the rest. The remaining payment for the 1903 fire engine remained the sole responsibility of the Sossau fire department. This turned with the request for a subsidy for the repayment of the remaining debt to the kgl. Dingolfing District Office. Had success. A grant of 150 marks was used to pay not only the remaining debt on the syringe of 118 marks, but also the half share of 32 marks of the Meindl bill. The Sossau fire department was thus finally free of debt again in 1918.

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