10 Useful iphone tricks to make your smartphone work even better

10 Useful iphone tricks to make your smartphone work even better

The iPhone is one of the world's most popular smartphones – whether for working, playing games or taking photos. But apart from the usual most used functions: How familiar are you really with your Apple smartphone?

Iphone: 10 Apple tricks you may not know yet

Fifteen years after Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone at Macworld in San Francisco, the models have grown in fascination and power, gradually expanding their capabilities thanks to new, sometimes little-publicized features. Therefore, Apple itself has decided to create a video with ten useful tips that can help you to iPhone in the best possible way. (Read also: This is why the iPhone 14 could disappoint from a technical point of view)

In the calculator app, it can happen that you accidentally enter a wrong digit. To avoid having to reset everything and start over, simply swipe into the black area above the numbers to delete a digit and correct it in two clicks. Since iOS 15, adding content such as links. Shortcuts to a conversation made easy. In order to be able to find them again more quickly later, it is worth creating a reading list. Like? Just press and hold on the content and click "add". This way, you can easily find a link or similar among the content shared with you in all compatible applications (such as Safari). (Also interesting: How to make your phone battery last longer in winter!)

The great revolution of personalized home screens has enormously expanded our possibilities. This includes placing multiple widgets on the same mini-screen, creating a sort of small window for the apps that interest you. For example, you can display the calendar, weather, news or photos on the main page, which then rotate in a small screen according to your preferences. To do this, simply press and hold on an empty space on the home screen, drag the various widgets onto each other and you're done.

To select multiple photos to add to other apps, tap and hold on a photo until you hear a tap. Then pull your finger to the side without letting go. With another finger, you can now select more photos before having to swipe left to switch apps. Once you're in the app you want, let go of the selection to add all the photos you've marked at once. (Talking about photo editing – These 7 apps make it convenient on your phone)

Don't want to keep retyping the phrases or sentences you use most often? No problem. Open "Settings", then "General""Keyboard" and "Text Substitution" to add a shortcut to the expressions you use most often. Now, for example, you could type "1234" to make the phrase "Thank you and have a nice day" appear.

Want to take a photo without unlocking your iPhone because you're wearing a face mask or don't have your Apple Watch handy? Just swipe left from the edge of the lock screen. The camera opens immediately.

To scan a document in the Notes app, tap the camera button in a note, select "Scan Documents" and place the piece of paper under the viewfinder. Quick and easy, without having to use other apps.

With iOS 15, the iPhone camera has gained the ability to recognize text in any photo. To do this, simply frame a picture and select the "Live Text" button in the lower right corner of the camera app. You can then copy, translate or even share the text. (Read also: iPhone 14 promises huge camera upgrade – Has Apple finally realized it?)

If you want to look at your oldest photos in the library and instantly go back to the last saved shot, just tap Library at the bottom left to save yourself from scrolling back endlessly. You need to search for something on your phone or on Google. Want to get it over with a tap of the finger? Swipe down from the center of the home screen to access the search box, which gives you a shortcut to search directly from your smartphone, Safari, or Siri suggestions.

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