10 Things i don’t like about gta 5

10 Things i don't like about gta 5

We've already played GTA 5 pretty extensively in the editorial office. We still haven't published a review, but we have published several gameplay videos (and more will follow). But besides 83% percent "Game Progress" I experienced some things in Grand Theft Auto 5 that bother me and I want to list them below. They are not sorted in order of importance.

Oh yes, before the fan alarm starts here. GTA 5 is a great game, that entertained me for a long time and still will. Award-worthy, so to speak.

There is too much shooting in Los Santos: The first hours with GTA 5 showed me that I have to act differently in the game. Because Liberty City in GTA 4 was a completely different society. In Los Santos, all you have to do is look at passersby or farmers the wrong way, or accidentally bump into cops in the run, and they'll show how trigger-happy they actually are. However, I find the problem rather negligible. Why are the NPCs so lame? I mean: Where is Brucie? What do I want with Hao, who sends me a text message, 2, 3 times, then I never hear from him again?. In GTA 4 I could race Brucie and steal cars as much as I wanted to. In GTA 5 I have to procure 2, 3 cars in the beginning, then never again. When I call the car dealer is busy, when I call at 20 of 21 entries in the phone book (no. 21 is the cab center), no one answers. As long as I hadn't finished the story, it was halay okay. But when I was done with it, GTA 5 became very lonely. Where is "Schicki Schicki Pigs"?? Don't get me wrong, there are super cool songs, a total of 240 licensed songs in GTA 5, just none of them have the flair of "Schicki Schick Schweine". Why is there only one towing place? When I do missions in the more northern part of the map, with a finely equipped, lowered car with turbo and fancy rims, possibly out of action, they dismiss me in the provincial hospital and: Hey, man, where's my car? Instead of parking my vehicle somewhere, it ends up on the towing area kilometers away. It would have been nice if Rockstar Games had accommodated several of these towing stations. Why does the hair not grow back? Admittedly, this is a question of realism, in a very unrealistic game. Only it would have been pretty cool, if I not only get the rent for real estate transferred every week, but also something happens to the hair and beard growth, so that the trip to the barber also somehow makes more sense. Why can't I visit later? By visit I don't mean meet, because Michael, Franklin and Trevor can date, but as soon as the campaign is over, the houses of the other characters are no longer shown to you. By the way, this also depends on which end you reach. There should be several, u. A. Because in some places the death of the characters is possible, but not mandatory. Only I would also pick up Trevor in his caravan, only there is no one there. Dogs are stupid. First I was happy that you can have a pet in GTA 5. Only during my campaign Chop was used only 2 times. What is the point of introducing dogs into the game if they have no real role to play?. I would have liked to fill up the tank. Stone me, for calling for realism again. Only it is obvious. There are so many gas stations in Los Santos, but no reason to drive to them. In the campaign you can blow up one of them once to get a fire truck, but in principle you would get it in another way as well. Accordingly, gas stations in Los Santos are totally wasted. Where to play billiards? In GTA 4 it was still possible to play billiards. In the Grand Senora desert in the north there is a "single" pub where you can play darts. There is even a billiard table, but you can not use it. Why? And why aren't there more places where you can play darts?? How am I supposed to buy the golf course?? Or the cinema? The cinema costs 30 million, the golf course 150 million. If you complete the campaign successfully, you have almost 30 million, but usually a little less than this sum. The cinema could be bought with a bit of skill, but for the golf course I would have to speculate diligently on the stock market, and by diligently I mean for an agonizingly long time. There is no really interesting job in GTA 5 that unlocks so much money. Cab driving? Thanks for the tip. Robbing money transporters? Randomly encountering gang groups in the mountains? In the best case, this would bring in a few tens of thousands, but no more. Until I get from 29 to 150 million, it takes forever. I could list some more points, but I'm also curious which things you don't like in GTA 5.

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