10 Interesting facts about bmw

10 Interesting facts about bmw

Today it is about another famous car brand: BMW. The German Brand is now known worldwide. Offers cars in the relatively high price segment. Along with Audi and Mercedes, it is one of the top car brands. In this article you will now learn interesting facts about the brand.

1. Originally no cars at all

Yes, heard correctly. The BMW brand did not start with cars. Because in the beginning the brand produced airplane engines. In the process, it even achieved records in categories such as speed or height.

2. The Treaty of Versailles

But why did the brand start making cars? Quite simply! This was due to the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War. This meant that German companies were no longer allowed to produce fighter planes. That's why BMW made the decision to reorient itself.

3. The name

Have you ever wondered what the abbreviation BMW actually stands for? It stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. However, the brand was initially called B for Bavarian Aircraft Works. The name had to be changed then in 1917!

4. The origin

By the name, you might think the brand comes from Bavaria. But this is not so! The fire has its origin in Eisenbach in Thuringia. In addition one found the first cars of the fire in Munich only 1952. Quite late!

5. The Logo

The brand's logo consists of a circle with alternating blue and white colors. Surely you know it! Many think that it should represent a propeller. However it is not true. The propeller is completely unintentional. The colors should simply represent the national colors of Bavaria. Did you know that?

6. The fastest motorcycle

As early as 1937, the brand produced the fastest motorcycle in the world. With it one could drive up to 278 km/h!

7. Other brands

The BMW brand also owns two other well-known car brands. Do you know which ones? They are Mini Cooper. Rolls-Royce. Because already in 1994 BMW bought the British Rover Group. However, this also includes other well-known brands such as Land Rover. Moreover, the first Rolls-Royce produced under BMW was the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

8. The first electric car

The Brand's first electric car was presented in the year of the Olympic Games. Namely 1972. There were 12 batteries used. The car could drive about 30km. 12 batteries were used. The car could drive about 30km. A lot has happened since then!

9. Old car parts

Today, the brand still sells car parts from the World War II era. In addition, it even manufactures these parts. These are sold through the BMW Classic program.

10. BMW and Formula 1

The brand also took part in Formula 1 races with its own team at one time. That was from 2006 to 2009. Pretty cool or?


The BMW brand has come a long way from airplanes to cars. The brand always remains true to its home; both with name and logo. But today other successful brands are also part of BMW.

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