Yahoo welcomes new chief with fat salary

Yahoo welcomes new chief with fat salary

In five years, the 37-year-old can easily make $120 million – but it’s been a long time since a yahoo boss has been able to hold on to the saddle that long.

The base salary of the former google manager has been set at one million dollars a year, and she can earn twice that as an additional bonus. mayer can earn many times more in the coming years with yahoo shares, according to company documents published on thursday.

the value of the now firmly committed participation packages alone adds up to 56 million dollars, part of which, however, will only be due over the next five years. In addition, mayer can look forward to an annual stock bonus worth at least 12 million dollars.

mayer, who is expecting her first child in october, has a lot of work ahead of her. Yahoo has been fighting the steady decline in advertising revenues for years without any resounding success. In the past quarter, total sales stagnated at 1.2 billion dollars. The profit fell by 4 percent to 227 million dollars. This was due to high expenses for the restructuring of the company, which was initiated by mayer’s shunned predecessor scott thompson. Around 2,000 of the former 14,000 jobs will be eliminated.

in her first round e-mail to yahoo employees, published by the blog "all things D", she called on employees not to stand still during the transition phase. Although she already has some ideas, she still needs some time and information to develop a concrete strategy for yahoo.

The head job at yahoo is considered one of the most difficult in the internet industry and is also a hot seat: carol bartz was fired after two years due to lack of success, and mayer’s predecessor scott thompson stumbled across a falsified resume after a few months. only the first two chiefs survived five years at the helm of yahoo: tim koogle from 1995 onward and terry semel from 2001 onward.

Mayer has never been at the helm of a company before: at google, she initially dominated the search engine business for a long time and was most recently only responsible for map services and local offers. Financially, she was already well provided for at google with a share package as employee number 20. Now she gets shares worth 14 million dollars at yahoo as compensation for the income she leaves behind at google. A one-time stock payment worth 30 million dollars is spread over five years. In addition, there is the first annual share package worth 12 million dollars.

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