Wilhelmsbuhl: 150 residents against private development area

the struggle of the residents of kitzingen’s wilhelmsbuhl against the planned private development above their houses goes into another round: the group’s activists have collected around 150 signatures to make their protest against the project on around 1.4 hectares clear. The list goes to the city, a letter with all the arguments of the residents has been sent to the city councils.

The reason for the current protest is the meeting of the administration and building committee on 21 June. September (start: 18.3 p.m.). Point two deals with the access road for the controversial development area. According to the draft – "for your information" – nothing is decided, but information on the possible realization of the access road is presented to the committee.

Reason enough for opponents to set up a "vigil" at city hall before the meeting. In addition, the residents make it clear that they intend to go to court if the development is approved.

In advance, the opponents hope that their three-page letter to the town councillors will arouse understanding for their cause. And the access road is a major point of attack. The access road is too steep in one section – according to the city over a length of 25 meters – with a 16 percent slope, especially in winter conditions. This area, right at the beginning of the access road, would then be a "risk to life and limb of the future residents."

The residents are worried about the increasingly frequent heavy rains. Because of the hillside location, there are already problems with the water masses, which in some cases have led to flooded cellars. If further areas are sealed because of the houses on the 18 building plots in the private residential area, the canal will not be able to hold the water, according to the letter to the town councils

Opponents also cite environmental reasons. The upper slope is a "very valuable area in terms of nature conservation."protected and rare animal species settled here.

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