Welcome to fc wmp lauertal

Welcome to FC WMP Lauertal

Of course, the relegation matches in the Rhon soccer district were spectator magnets again this year. But there were no real street sweepers from the district point of view. Perhaps with one exception right at the start, when TSV Wollbach missed out on promotion to the Rhon district league after a 3-3 draw after extra time in a penalty shootout against SG Urspringen. All this in front of 930 spectators in Unterweibenbrunn.

After all officially 753 fans saw in Oerlenbach the 4:1 victory of the VfB Burglauer over the BSC Lauter, who booked nevertheless still another circle class year with the 1:0 victory before 670 spectators in Eltingshausen over the SV Machtilshausen, which lost also its second promotion duel with the 0:1 against the SG Hendungen before 528 eyewitnesses in Unterebersbach. The Hendunger for their part had previously missed a match ball with the 2:5 against FC Poppenlauer in front of 630 spectators in Gabolshausen.

The promotion games of the B-class runners-up were well attended: 618 spectators watched the much-discussed 14:1 victory of SG Arnshausen over TSV Muhlfeld. After all 466 Zahlende followed in Waldberg the 2:3 defeat of the SV Detter-Weibenbach against the SG Ginolfs. TSV Munnerstadt needed a proud four games to stay in the Bezirksliga: First FC Gerolzhofen, then FC Sand II were defeated in the first and second legs. Here too there was no storm at the ticket booths. A little more than 400 spectators watched the games in Munnerstadt, in Gerolzhofen there were 641, in Sand only 364.

With the return of FC Poppenlauer to the Kreisklasse, there is now the interesting constellation that the new Spielgemeinschaft with DJK Weichtungen and TSV Mabbach (we reported) will actually have one team per Kreisklasse. What became possible by the class preservation of the DJK Weichtungen in the circle class Rhon 2.

"We will compete next season as FC WMP Lauertal. We call the second Kreisklassen team SG WMP Lauertal because of the association guidelines. Passports are rewritten to Weichtungen. This will be a transitional year, before it probably comes to the formation of a whole new club", says Sven Gessner from the management of FC Poppenlauer. A third team will play in the B-class, although from TSV Mabbach a starting place in the A-class would have been possible. "But we want to bring two strong teams for the higher league at the start", says Sven Gessner.

A similar construct exists in the Rhon, where the DJK Waldberg already plays in the Kreisklasse – which now also applies to the SG Sandberg/Waldberg II after their promotion as champions of the A-Klasse Rhon 3. "We now leave it up to the players to decide who wants to play in which district class", says DJK chairman Mario Ziegler.

Also from the foot of the water tower news are reported, because from the TSV Rannungen and the two teams of the SG Pfandhausen/Rannungen becomes to the new season the soccer club (FV) Rannungen, which is assigned to the soccer district Rhon. "This also means that all passports will be rewritten to the new club. We had decided to take this step in time, because in the Bezirksliga no pools are allowed", clarifies Rannungens department manager Michael Hobelsberger. And assumes that his club will again compete in the Kreisliga Rhon, after a change to the Kreisliga Schweinfurt was a topic last year. According to head of department Matthias Hallhuber, SV Ramsthal wants to stay there; promoted SG Oerlenbach/Ebenhausen would be open to a change to the neighboring district according to coach Thorsten Buttner. A decision is not made before the 10. June. The last word is spoken by the association.

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