Two new honorary chairmen

Two new honorary chairmen

In a festive atmosphere at the "kiessling" inn in erlau the honor of longtime club members by the first chairman werner auer and his two deputies anton eigen and manfred ratzke took place.

were honored the passive members Gunter Berger for 25 years and Karl Baumann for 70 years of club loyalty.

then followed the honors of the active singers: for ten years of choir membership gerhard fabold and the deputy choir director roland felkel were awarded the bronze badge of honor and certificate by the frankischer sangerbund and also by the association.

karl kachelmann was honored for 60 years of singing in the choir and received the gold badge of honor from the franken and german singing federations. in addition, he was appointed honorary chairman of the singing club walsdorf for his outstanding services to the club. Karl kachelmann accompanied the office of the first chairman for twelve years. In its era, the choir comprised up to 38 singers.

Furthermore, roland mahr was also appointed honorary board member for outstanding services to the choral society. He led the association for 13 years as first chairman and for four years each as second and third chairman.

Philipp feuerlein was appointed honorary member for outstanding services to the association. For 23 years, he has diligently and reliably held the office of notary and secretary/archivist

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