Tv team even played in the national league

TV team even played in the national league

Christian Licha The basketball department of the TV Hassfurt celebrated a double anniversary these days. For now 50 years there is this division at the gymnastics club. Involved from the beginning, also for five decades, Horst Lohs as department head is the mainstay of the Korbballer. In addition, the Habfurter was active in the first 20 years as a coach. The ceremony in the town hall, which was moderated by the former deputy head of department Helene Friedrich, was attended by numerous athletes and supporters associated with the TV and korfball.

"Half a century of korfball at TV Hassfurt is an impressive achievement", said Gerd Wolf, the board member for sports, events and organization, during his speech. In the spring of 1969, female basketball players from the former DJK Hassfurt joined the gymnastics club. Ursula Muller and Berta Hochmuth took the initiative and started to build up a department with a small group of 14 participants. In the fall of 1969, according to Wolf, the founders transferred the coaching to Horst Lohs, who soon took over the department management.

After modest beginnings in terms of equipment and playing facilities, the TVler participated for the first time in 1970 in an association round in the lowest district class. The department grew steadily and finally in 2002 (until 2006) the ladies even made it into the Korbball-Bundesliga (German Basketball League). "But the real success lies in the communication of values", Wolf pointed out and praised Horst Lohs in this context. As head of the department, he conveyed values such as togetherness, commitment, helpfulness and sociability, the logical consequence of which was sporting success. Horst Lohs was always supported in his voluntary work by his wife Hedi, who took care of many things in the background.

Father and motor

"50 years is a jubilee that has to be celebrated properly", stated former mayor Rudi Eck in his laudation. Over this long period of time, the Korbball family has repeatedly shown how positive club work has an effect on the population and, above all, is gladly accepted. "The Korbball family was very lucky to have a father, an engine that never ran out of gas", Eck emphasized the merits of Horst Lohs. His tireless, self-sacrificing personal commitment, his positive charisma and his unique enthusiasm are as old as the Korbball department itself. "To bring this personal commitment so convincingly over such a long period of time deserves the highest recognition and respect", praised Eck.

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