Tuv report 2021: one manufacturer stands out particularly negatively – all winners and losers

Every two years the car must go to the TuV for a general inspection. Then it was decided whether the car would be allowed to roll along roads and highways for another 24 months, or whether it was ready for the scrap press.

In the course of this, the so-called "TuV Report" is published once a year a list of the results of all the main investigations carried out in the past year. The annual report for 2021 is also already out – and it has a clear loser.

TuV Report losers: One manufacturer stands out particularly

The TuV Report 2021 was published on 5. November published and selects the winners and losers of the main inspections of the year 2020. The Romanian car manufacturer "Dacia" brings up the rear.

In the two- to three-year-old age group, the main losers were "Dacia Duster", "Dacia Lodgy" and "Dacia Logan" negative on. The TuV report speaks of "considerable deficiencies".

The traffic unsafety would manifest itself mainly in oily engines and defective lighting. The overall rating for the two to three year age group is as follows (deficiency rate in percent):

  1. "Dacia Duster"SUV (11.1 percent)
  2. "Dacia Lodgy"Van (10.9 percent)
  3. "Fiat Punto"Small cars (10.5 percent)
  4. "Dacia Logan"Compact car (10.4 percent)
  5. "Ford Mondeo."Middle class (9.1 percent)
  6. "Fiat Panda"Mini (7.9 percent)

If you look at the age group between six and seven and eight and nine years, the "Dacia Logan" makes a good impression the tail light. Here even 31 per cent and 34 per cent respectively showed "considerable deficiencies" at the main inspection. In the age group of four and five years, on the other hand, the "VW Sharan" was the best performer the highest defect rate at around 20 percent.

TuV Report winner: Everything the same

But it is not only the losers of the TuV examination are chosen. The vehicles with the fewest defects are also identified. There was relatively little change here compared with the previous year: In the two to three year age group, the "Mercedes GLC" leads the field (11.1 percent) once again tops the list. Only 1.7 percent of the SUVs tested had significant defects.

The second place was occupied by three models from three different car manufacturers. The overall rating for the age group two to three years looks as follows (deficiency rate in percent):

  1. "Mercedes GLC" SUV (1.7 percent)
  2. "Mercedes B-class" Van (2.2 percent)
    "Porsche 911"
    Sports Car (2.2 percent)
    "Opel Insignia"
    Middle class (2.2 percent)
  3. "Hyundai i3O" Compact car (2.5 percent)
  4. "Audi AI" Small car (3.3 percent)
  5. "Opel Adam" Mini (3.7 percent)

Surprisingly, a mid-range model is also among the best-ranked: the Opel Insignia has amazingly made it to second place as a vehicle of a mass manufacturer, sharing the podium with the cars of the manufacturer "Porsche" and "Mercedes".

Every two years it is compulsory to have your car inspected by the "Technischer uberwachungsverein" – short "TuV" – to be checked. Who forgets the general inspection, threatens fines and points in Flensburg.

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